"A civilization flourishes when people plant trees under whose shade they will never sit."
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Member - Jean Carpenter, Vice President

photo of Jean Carpenter What is your current position with the Friends groups?
  Vice President - focusing on supporting programs and grant writing

Why did you get involved?
  I was serving on the Parks and Open Lands Advisory Board when we began Friends. It is a citizens group that supports Natural Resources staff and helps them start new projects and supports them with funds as needed. As an example we provided seed money for the plant guide and highly successful Passport Program.

Why do you feel that Friends is a valuable group for Larimer County?
   If you love our Larimer County Parks and Open Lands and want to keep them vital for coming generations, we are the group for you.

What is your favorite Larimer County park or open space?
   Red Mountain Open Space is closest to my home, but I also love to camp and hike at Hermit Park. We held a family reunion at Hermit Park when it first opened. It is such a special place for the Carpenters.

What is best part of being a member of Friends?    Programs like the one featuring a mountain lion expert that was held in the new Horsetooth Information Center. It included hands on and local experiences along with the most up to date, local lion information. Members and guests learned together and our outdoor experiences will mean more. Additional programs with a variety of subjects – ie: owls, hiking, native plants and geology - are great benefits of membership. The ability to give back with support of existing and new County Programs is also satisfying.

What is your hope for the future of the group?
   Growth helps keeps an organization vital and ours is no different. Adding new members helps people utilize their individual skills to connect with others and with our natural environment.

Other hobbies?
   Garden, travel, hike, read and volunteer