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Larimer County Offices, Courts, District Attorney, and Landfill are closed on May 29, 2017 in observance of the Memorial Day Holiday. Critical services at Larimer County are not disrupted by closures.


Restaurant Inspection Database

Food Inspection Form

Critical Items Relate Directly to Foodborne Illness Non-Critical Items can become serious problems
01. Food Supplies: 02.Food containers properly labeled. (1 pt)

05.Accurate, conspicuous thermometers in refrigerators/hot holding cabinets. (1 pt)

08.Food protected from contamination; covered, off floor, raw meats stored below cooked & ready to eat foods. (2 pts)

09.Handling of food & ice minimized, proper utensils provided & used. (2 pts)

10.In-use dispensing utensils properly stored. (1 pt)

13. Clean cloths & aprons, hair restrained, authorized personnel only. (1 pt)

14. Food contact surfaces maintained, non-toxic, smooth, durable, non-absorbent, easily cleanable. (2 pts)

15. Non-food contact surfaces maintained, constructed to be smooth, durable, non-absorbent, easily cleanable. (1 pt)

16.Warewashing facilities provided, properly designed, installed, maintained and operated. (2 pts)

17. Warewashing facilities provided with accurate thermometers, chemical test kits, pressure gauge. (1 pt)

18.Soiled equipment, dishes & utensils; scraped, preflushed, soaked. (1 pt)

19.Wash and rinse water clean & hot. (2 pts)

21.Wiping cloths saturated with 50 ppm chlorine, 200 ppm quaternary ammonia or 12.5 ppm iodine. (1 pt)

22.Cutting boards, work counters, slicers, grinders, utensils and other food contact surfaces clean and free of abrasives & detergents. (2 pts)

23.Non-food contact surfaces clean. (1 pt)

24.Clean equipment & utensils air dried and properly stored, handled to prevent contamination. (1 pt)

25.Single service articles properly stored, dispensed & used. (1 pt)

26.No re-use of single service articles. (2 pts)

29. Plumbing properly installed and maintained. (1 pt)

32.Toilet rooms enclosed, doors closed, toilet paper & waste receptacle provided. (2 pts)

33. Recycle, garbage and refuse containers maintained, adequate number, covered when located outdoors. (2 pts)

34. Recycle, garbage and refuse areas clean, maintained and properly constructed. (1 pt)

36. Floors clean, maintained, constructed to be easily cleanable. Base cove provided. (1 pt)

37. Walls & ceilings clean, maintained, constructed to be easily cleanable. Outer openings protected from entry of pests. (1 pt)

38.Lighting adequate, shields provided. (1 pt)

39.Rooms & equipment vented as required. (1 pt)

40.Employee personal items properly stored and separated. (1 pt)

42.Premises clean, maintained, free of unnecessary articles. Maintenance equipment properly stored. (1 pt)

43.Complete separation of living, sleeping & laundry from food & warewashing areas. (1 pt)

44.Clean & soiled work clothing, linens properly stored. (1 pt)






Approved Sources (15 pts)

Containers free of damage, dents, swells (15 pts)

Free of Spoilage (15 pts)

HACCP Plan for MAP (15 pts)

Consumer advisory for service of raw/undercooked animal foods (5 pts)

03.Temperature control for potentially hazardous foods: foods maintained at < 410 F or > 1400 F to 700 F in two hours and from 700 F to 410 F in four hours. Use shallow, uncovered pans in refrigerator or ice bath with frequent stirring. NO COOLING AT ROOM TEMPERATURE!:








Cooling procedures (20 pts)

Rapid reheat >1650 F (20 pts)

Hot holding <1400 F (15 pts)

Cold holding >410 F (15 pts)

Adequate cooking  (20 pts)

Time as a control (15 pts)

Product thermometers used and accurate (5 pts)

04. Equipment adequate to maintain safe food temperatures: (20 pts)
06.Foods safely thawed at <410 in a refrigerator, under cold running water, by microwave or by cooking: (15 pts)
07.Re-service and cross contamination:



Unwrapped and potentially hazardous foods not re-served, No self service of raw animal foods (20 pts)

Cross contamination from equipment, produce washed (20 pts)

11.Employee health:



Sick employees restricted from handling food and utensils (20 pts)

Cuts, burns and bandages covered (20 pts)

12.Employee practices:






Hands washed as needed (15 pts)

Good hygienic practices, no common towels (10 pts)

Smoking, eating, drinking (5 pts)

Demonstration of knowledge (15 pts)

Handling of ready-to-eat food minimized (10 pts)

20.Warewashing and sanitizing:




Three compartment sink: wash, rinse, sanitize, air dry. 50 pm chlorine or 200 ppm quarternary ammonia or 12.5 ppm iodine for one minute (10 pts)

Warewashing machine: 180 F final rinse or 50 ppm chlorine at dish level (10 pts)

In place equipment & CIP system: wash, rinse & sanitize (10 pts)

27.Water supply:



Safe, adequate water source (15 pts)

Hot and cold water under pressure provided at all times
(15 pts)

28.Sewage & wastewater properly disposed of. Disposal system adequate. (15 pts)
30.No connections between potable water & waste water. Proper backflow devices provided. (10 pts)
31.Handwashing sinks & toilet facilities:




Handwashing sinks & toilets provided. (15 pts)

Handwashing sinks accessible. (10 pts)

Hand soap, dispensed hand towels/hand dryer. (5 pts)

35. Pest control:





Evidence of rodents. (10 pts)

Evidence of insects. (10 pts)

Pest control & pesticide application. (15 pts)

Prohibited animals. (5 pts)

41.Chemical handling:




Properly labeled. (5 pts)

Stored separately. (10 pts)

Properly used. (15 pts)

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