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Online Help Guide

  1. How do I find a restaurant?
    There are several ways to find a restaurant at this website.  The fastest way is to type the first two or three letters of the name in the first input box that appears on the main page.  This will find all establishments within this database that matches these letters.  The more letters you enter will narrow your search, but also increase the chances that an exact match would not be found.

    For example, type OL would return the following page.
    NameCityAddressLast Inspection
    Olander Elementary School Fort Collins 3401 Anntie Stone Street  
    Old Chicago Fort Collins 147 S. College Ave.  

    Another method of finding an establishment, is the use of the Listing and Types links.   These will take you to pages where you can refine your search further.  The Listing page is an alphabetical breakdown of all the establishments within this system grouped by first letter.  The Types page allows you to get lists of all establishments that are similar to one another.
  2. Can I be notified by e-mail of added inspections?
    We are looking into the possibility of adding this feature in the near future.  We will most likely e-mail the inspections that were performed during a specific time frame.   If you would like to see other information on a regular basis, please send comments by clicking on the comment icon off the main page.
  3. How do I find out what was inspected last week?
    On the main pages there are a group of buttons and boxes that allow you to find inspections that were performed during a specific time frame.  In order to use this feature, enter the starting day you are interested in, into the "To" box, followed by the last day you are looking for in the "From" box.  Please make sure you enter a four digit year (1999, 2000).  If you would like your report sorted in a specific order, click one of the radio buttons to the right.  Also, if you only want to receive specific types of establishments, you can choose these in the pull-down box.
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