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Restaurant Inspection Database

Violation Explanation

Official Report Wording, Item #36

Floors  clean, maintained, constructed to be easily cleanable. Base cove provided. (1 pt.)


Floors must be kept clean, free of buildup of food spills, dirt and refuse. The accumulation of food spills, litter and other soil on floors increases the potential for contamination of food, equipment and utensils. It also provides food and harborage for rodents and insects, such as flies and cockroaches. To facilitate easy cleaning, floors must be maintained and constructed to be smooth, durable, non-absorbent and easily cleanable. Floor-wall junctures must be tightly coved with concave cove base to prevent moisture and food residue from collecting in corners, along and under walls. Utility penetrations must be closed off and sealed to eliminate insect and rodent harborage and to prevent moisture penetrating into or through the floor. Floors should be graded to floor drains or floor sinks to prevent pooling of water and other liquids, which could not only attract pest, but contribute to problems with certain pathogens such as Listeria monocytogenes. The use of carpeting is restricted to ensure that regular and effective cleaning is possible. Restrictions for areas not suited for carpeting materials are meant to ensure cleanability of surfaces where accumulation of moisture or waste is likely.

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