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Restaurant Inspection Database

Violation Explanation

Official Report Wording, Item #33

Recycle, compost materials, garbage, and refuse containers maintained, adequate number, covered when located outdoors. (2 pts.)


Trash or waste containers should be available wherever trash and garbage are generated within the food establishment. Waste containers shall be provided at handwashing sinks, in restrooms and within kitchen areas. Trash cans and other waste containers must be constructed to be easily cleanable. The proper storage and disposal of garbage and refuse is necessary to minimize pest and odor problems. Improperly handled garbage and refuse creates nuisance conditions, makes housekeeping difficult and can result in the contamination of food, equipment and utensils. Recycling materials, garbage and refuse shall be removed from within the food establishment daily.

Recycling and waste materials located outdoors are to be stored in clean, covered, leak proof trash receptacles that prevent the scattering of these materials. Recycling and waste materials should be handled and stored in a manner to attract, harbor or act as a breeding place for flies, rodents and other pests. Recyclable materials, garbage and refuse must be removed from the premises at least once a week.

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