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Restaurant Inspection Database

Violation Explanation

Official Report Wording, Item #31


1. Handwashing sinks provided. (15 pts.)

2. Handwashing sinks accessible. (10 pts.)

3. Hand soap, hand towels/hand dryer provided. (5 pts.)


Hands are probably the most common vehicle for transmission of disease-causing microorganisms to foods in a food establishment. Workers’ hands become contaminated when in the restroom, handling raw meat and poultry, touching dirty dishware and utensils, as well as during normal food preparation. Wetting of the hands, the application of soap and the friction of rubbing the hands together lifts contaminants off the skin. A final rinsing of the hands in warm water removes the contaminant.

1. Since handwashing is such an important factor in the prevention of foodborne illness, sufficient handwashing sinks must be available to make handwashing not only possible, but likely. Designated handwashing sinks are required to be provided in any area where food and beverages are prepared and served, where utensils and equipment are washed, and in restrooms.

2. Food service workers may be unlikely to wash their hands unless properly equipped handwashing sinks are accessible in the immediate work area. Handwashing sinks which are improperly located, blocked by portable equipment or stacked full of soiled utensils and other items, become inaccessible and unavailable for use. Nothing must block the approach to a handwashing sink thereby discouraging its use.

3. Handwashing sinks must be stocked with a supply of hand soap and hand towels or be provided with a hand-dryer device to encourage frequent use.

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