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Violation Explanation

Official Report Wording, Item #30

No connections between potable water and waste water. Proper backflow devices provided. (10 pts.)


Plumbing connections between drinking water systems and non-drinking water systems are called cross connections. Cross connections can occur in many different ways in a food establishment. The simplest may be a hose attached to a faucet that is dropped into a container or sink filled with contaminated water. In this example the hose causes a direct connection between the building’s drinking water system and the contaminated or non-drinking water in the container or sink. To prevent the “backflow” of contaminated water back into the building’s water system caused by siphonage, a backflow protection device must be installed on the faucet where the hose is attached. Backflow devices must be of proper design and adequately installed to assure proper operation and maintenance. Backflow devices must be installed on all faucets or hose bibs where a hose can be attached, on soap and other chemical dispensing systems that are plumbed to the building’s water systems, on water lines to dishmachines, and in soft drink carbonator systems.

To prevent the possibility of sewage contacting food or backing up into fixtures such as food preparation sinks, warewashing sinks, ice bins, refrigerators or dishmachines, the drainage systems from these fixtures must drain through an “air gap” before entering the sewer. This physical gap in the drain line does not allow waste water to back up into fixtures if a sewage back up should occur.

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