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Restaurant Inspection Database

Violation Explanation

Official Report Wording, Item #27

Water supply:

1. Safe water source. (15 pts.)

2. Hot and cold water under pressure provided. Adequate supply. (10 pts.)


1. The availability of adequate, uncontaminated drinking water is a basic requirement for the safe preparation of food and proper sanitation within a food establishment. All water supplied to food establishments, either from public systems or private wells, must meet the requirements of the Colorado Primary Drinking Water Regulations.

2. A sufficient supply of hot water is critical for employee hand washing, washing of equipment and utensils, and general cleaning needed in all food establishments. Water heating systems are required to meet the peak demands of the establishment. Both hot and cold water are to be provided at sinks. Hot water must be greater than 100F at handwashing, must be greater than 110F at warewashing sinks and greater than 120F at dishmachines.

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