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Restaurant Inspection Database

Violation Explanation

Official Report Wording, Item #24

Clean equipment and utensils properly air dried, stored and properly handled to prevent contamination. (1 pt.)


Wet surfaces of equipment and utensils provide an environment that is conducive for the growth of microorganisms. For this reason clean dishware, pots, pans, utensils and other equipment must be allowed to drain and air-dry after washing and prior to stacking For storage. Drying equipment and utensils by hand is prohibited. Hand drying of wet equipment and utensils transfers microorganisms from drying towels and food service workers to equipment and utensil surfaces. Clean equipment and utensils must be stored protected and off the floor. Pots, pans and glasses must be stored inverted to help protect them from contamination. Table ware and utensils must be store with handles presented to the user.

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