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Restaurant Inspection Database

Violation Explanation

Official Report Wording, Item #21

Wiping cloths saturated with 50 ppm chlorine, 200 ppm quaternary ammonia or 12.5 ppm iodine. (1 pt.)


Counter tops, work tables, cutting boards, and other food contact surfaces are wiped down constantly to keep them free of food spill. Soiled wiping cloths, especially when moist, can become a breeding ground for disease-causing microorganisms that could be transferred to food. Wiping cloths that are not dry must be stored in a sanitizing solution of adequate strength to kill microorganisms between uses. Wet wiping cloths must be maintained saturated with sanitizer concentrations of 50200 ppm chlorine or 150-400 ppm quaternary ammonia. Sanitizer test strips should be used to verify that the correct concentration of sanitizer is being maintained.

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