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Violation Explanation

Official Report Wording, Item #14

Food contact surfaces maintained, non-toxic, constructed to be smooth, durable, nonabsorbent and easily cleanable. (2 pts.)


Food contact surfaces of equipment and utensils must be designed and constructed to be smooth, durable, non-absorbent and easily cleanable. Equipment that is of poor design and construction, or is in a state of deterioration does not allow for easy cleaning and will result in the accumulation of soil and the contamination of the food. Surfaces which have imperfections such as cracks, chips or pits, allow microorganisms to attach and form biofilms. Once established these biofilms can release disease-causing microorganisms into food.

Food contact surfaces must also be constructed of safe materials that will not impart toxic substances into food. Materials used in the construction of food contact surfaces must not contain metals such as lead, zinc, copper and antimony, which could leach into food at potentially toxic levels.

To assure equipment and utensils are fabricated of safe materials and are designed for easy cleaning, they must be of commercial design and must be certified by an American National Standards Institute accredited sanitation program.

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