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Restaurant Inspection Database

Violation Explanation

Official Report Wording, Item #13

Clean clothes & aprons, hair restrained, authorized personnel only. (1 pt.)


Dirty clothing may harbor disease-causing microorganisms that are transmissible through food. Food service workers who inadvertently touch their dirty clothing may contaminate their hands. This can result in contamination of the food being prepared. Food may also be contaminated through direct contact with dirty clothing. In addition, employees wearing dirty clothes send a negative message to consumers about the level of sanitation in the establishment.

Items of jewelry such as rings, bracelets and watches may collect soil. The construction of the jewelry may hinder routine cleaning of the item as well as prevent thorough hand washing. As a result, the jewelry may act as a reservoir for disease-causing microorganisms. An additional hazard associated with jewelry is the possibility that parts of the item or the whole item itself may fall into the food being prepared. Hard foreign objects in food may cause medical problems for consumers, such as chipped and/or broken teeth and internal cuts and lesions.

Consumers are particularly sensitive to food contaminated by hair. Hair can be both a direct and indirect vehicle of contamination. Food service workers may contaminate their hands when they touch areas of hair. A hair restraint keeps dislodged hair from ending up in the food and may deter employees from touching these areas during food preparation.

Only authorized food service workers can be in food preparation and warewashing areas. Unauthorized individuals such as small children or friends of food service workers, may contaminate food or food contact surfaces.

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