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Restaurant Inspection Database

Violation Explanation

Official Report Wording, Item #08:

Food protected from contamination, covered, off floors, produce washed. (2 pts.)


To prevent disease-causing microorganisms, filth, foreign matter and other adulterants from getting into food, food must be protected from potential contamination during storage, preparation and display. Foods must be stored up off the floor and covered. Storage of food and beverages in restrooms, under unprotected sewer lines and under unfinished stairs is prohibited. To help prevent contamination from consumers, food offered for customer self service must be individually packaged or must be located under a sneeze shield. Lids on customer dispensed bulk food containers and cabinets must be self closing. To remove dirt and other debris, fruits and vegetables must be washed prior to use in a designated food preparation sink. Ice for drinks must be drained and foods can not be stored on un-drained ice because ice can be a medium for contamination.

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