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Restaurant Inspection Database

Violation Explanation

Official Report Wording, Item #04

Equipment adequate to maintain safe food temperatures. (20 pts.)


Food establishments must have adequate equipment to maintain foods at safe temperatures. The capacity of equipment needed in a food establishment is dependent upon the establishment’s menu, type of meal service provided, the amount of advanced food preparation conducted, cooling and reheating practices, and meal volume. Refrigeration capacity must allow for the storage of bulk ingredients, prepared foods and for cooling hot foods. In addition, point of use refrigeration must be provided on cook lines, order pick-up areas, in bars and in wait stations, where potentially hazardous foods are held. Steam tables, hot holding cabinets and other hot holding equipment, must be provided to hold foods hot after cooking and reheating. Equipment must also be of such design for the intended use such as hot holding of potentially hazardous foods or for reheating of foods.

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