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Restaurant Inspection Database

Food Service And Retail Programs
Type Of Establishment Definitions

FULL SERVICE: Operations that offer complete and varied menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have multiple entrees for each meal period which may include soups, salads, and/or deserts. Preparation of food products is often complex and involves multiple steps. Most full service operations will provide customer seating and may include liquor service. (Armadillo, Black Canyon, Nickeys, Pot Belly, Olive Garden, etc.)
FAST FOOD WITH LIMITED MENU: Operations that specialize in one or two main entrees such as hamburgers, pizza, or chicken. These operations may also provide salad and/or ice cream service. Preparation of food products is generally simple and involves one or two steps. (Arbys, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, McDonalds, Wendys, etc.)
SPECIALTY SHOPS: Food Service operations that prepare and offer for sale goods intended for immediate consumption, such as unpackaged, potentially hazardous foods which may include snack foods such as dispensed drinks, ice cream, popcorn, candy, cookies, donuts and baked goods . Preparation of food products is simple and involves potentially hazardous foods. (Baskin Robbins, Corn Cabin, TCBY, etc.).
DELICATESSENS: Operations offering foods intended for immediate consumption. The main product line is normally luncheon meats and cheeses. They may offer sandwiches, soups, and salads , as well. Most foods are precooked prior to delivery. Preparation of food products is generally simple and only involves one or two steps. (Deli Works, Big Cheese, Almans, King Soopers Deli, Subway, etc.).
CONCESSIONS: Operations that generally operate in conjunction with other activities such as sporting events, movies, and rodeos or they may be seasonal in nature and operate at public parks and pools. Menus are limited and food preparation is simple involving one or two steps. (Winona Pool, Carmike 10, EPIC Center, etc.).
MOBILE UNITS: Operations that operate from mobile vans, push carts or trailers selling potentially hazardous foods. The operations may be somewhat seasonal in nature. Food service may be limited with most of the complex food preparation taking place in a commissary. (Carson and Barnes Circus, Choice City Coffee, Ed's Dogs, Weeny Wagon, etc.).
CATERER: Operations that generally prepare their product in a fixed kitchen or commissary and then transport it to a different site for service to the public. These operations can offer a complete and varied menu. Food preparation is often complex, involving multiple steps and often includes transport of product to serving sites. (All Occasions Catering, Michael's Plu, Classique Cake Creations, etc).
BARS WITHOUT FOOD: Operations where the main menu items are beer, wine and mixed drinks . In most cases these operations will not have a kitchen facility and products are limited to prepackaged foods, frozen pizza, and snack items. (Kevin's Spud, Aggie Theater, Marty's Place, etc.).
OUTDOOR EVENTS: Operations that sell food in conjunction with a community event such as 4th of July. Menus may vary greatly from prepackaged, non-potentially hazardous foods to foods that require multi step preparation of potetnially hazardous foods. (Cinco de Mayo, Taste of Fort Collins, Scottish/Irish Festival, etc.).
SCHOOLS: Operations run in conjunction with educational institutions. These operations are generally full service, but offer a limited number of entree items at a single meal. Food preparation can be complex and involve many steps. (Loveland High School, Larimer County Vo-Tech Center, etc.).
REHABILITATION CENTERS: Operations operated in conjunction with correctional, health care, and drug and alcohol treatment facilities. These operations are generally full service. Food preparation can be complex and involve several steps. (New Beginnings, Community Corrections, Larimer County Jail, Meals on Wheels, Senior Chuckwagon.)
CAMPS/RANCHES: Operations operated in conjunction with residential children camps or as part of a dude ranch . These operations are generally full service. Meals may be prepared and served at several locations. Meal preparation can be complex and involve many steps including transport of product to different serving sites.  (Sylvan Dale, Camp Amakulo, Cheley Camps, Rawah Guest Ranch, Glendevey Guest Ranch).
LARGE RETAIL FOOD ESTABLISHMENTS: Large retail operations that offer a full line of grocery items for sale to the public (i.e., fruits, vegetables, dry goods, bakery items, meats, dairy items, etc.). These operations will offer foods subject to spoilage and will normally have at least one of the following: a deli, bakery, produce or meat department. These opertions may handle, process and manufacture a large number of different food items. Large retail food establishments are subject to retail fees. If they operate a deli the deli will have their own inspections.  (King Soopers, Safeway, Beavers, Steeles).
CONVENIENCE GROCERY WITH FOOD PREP: Small retail operations offering food subject to spoilage, such as, ice cream, milk, meats, etc. These opertions also provide foods intended for immediate consumption such as, dispensed drinks and unpackaged foods requiring limited preparation such as sandwiches, ice cream, milk, etc. Food preparation is simple, involving one or two steps. (7-11's, Mini-Marts, Circle K, etc.)
CONVENIENCE GROCERY WITHOUT FOOD PREP: Small retail food operations where coffee, tea, non-potentially hazardous donuts and pastries are the only unpackaged foods offered for sale and where prepackaged, potentially hazardous foods are offered for retail sale. There should be no drink dispensing or food preparation involved in these operations. (Hilltop Outpost, Johnson's Market, The Oasis.)
MEAT MARKETS: Retail operations where meats are cut and offeredfor retail sale . Preparation is limited to meat cutting processing, smoking, cooking and wrapping. These operations do not prepare and serve sandwiches, soups, meals or dispense drinks to the public(C & C Meats, Horton Meats, Fentiman's Meats.)
RETAIL SPECIALTY SHOP: Retail operations that prepare and/or offer for retail sale unpackaged, non-potentially hazardous foods such as candy, popcorn, cookies, baked goods , etc. intended for off-premises consumption.
RETAIL MOBILE UNITS: Retail operations that operate from mobile vans, push carts, trailers, or bicycles. All foods sold must be prepackaged and must include some potentially hazardous foods. (J Bar S, Van Goghs Left Ear, etc.)
Other Food Operations
FOOD PROCESSORS: Operations which manufacture and package food products for wholesale. These operations do not offer retail sales to the public. These operations do not prepare and serve sandwiches, coffee, soft drinks, or meals to the public. Food preparation may vary extensively from operation to operation. (O'Dell Brewing, Floyds Sandwiches, American Country Candy.)
WAREHOUSES and others: Operations where prepackaged foods are stored and may be sold wholesale . These operations may sell prepackaged, non-potentially hazardous foods retail. (R2-J Food Warehouse, Wonderbread Thriftshop, Sage Foods, etc.)
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