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Restaurant Inspection Database

About This Database

This site allows users to view inspection data for restaurants, fast food operations, delis, markets, cafeterias, convenience stores and other types of food establishments regulated by the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment (LCDH&E).

Food establishments located in Larimer County are governed by Colorado state statutes and regulations. LCDH&E conducts routine inspections of any establishments where food is warehoused, stored, prepared, served or sold for human consumption. Establishment inspection frequencies vary depending upon the operation's potential risk, based on factors that have been shown to contribute the most to foodborne outbreaks.

In addition to the traditional 100 point scoring system which has been used in the past, LCDH&E has developed its own food establishment rating system called the "Risk Index." This rating system is based upon similar models used in other parts of the U.S. The rating system stresses the most critical items of the food safety and sanitation process that have been shown to cause most foodborne illnesses.

Each item or sub-item listed on the inspection form has a value assigned to it. Those items which are frequently associated with foodborne illnesses have higher risk values assigned to them. An establishment's risk index is determined by adding up the weights of each violation found at the time of inspection.

Like golf scores, the lower the risk value, the better the sanitation level and the higher the reported rating. These risk ratings are translated into the categories "Excellent" through "Unacceptable" to avoid confusion with the old 100 point scoring system.

There are 534 possible value points in the risk index rating system, 495 are for critical items and 39 for non-critical items.

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