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Heavy Duty Shop

The Heavy Duty shop at Fleet Services provides many services and is responsible for being a good steward of public resources and providing these services at much lower cost than an outside source. Because we are not out to make a profit this creates an intrinsic value by keeping the equipment and trucks running in a cost effective manner. This ensures other departments can do the work they need to for the citizens of Larimer County to provide a safer community. The Heavy Duty shop supports the Sheriff Department, Road and Bridge Department, Solid Waste, Landfill, The Ranch / Fairgrounds, Natural Resources, and Weeds Department. The Heavy Duty shop takes care of units over one ton such as medium trucks to loaders, scrapers, dozers, graders, and compactors, etc.

Each piece of equipment in Fleet operates in a unique environment. By providing maintenance services that match these unique needs each piece of equipment is ensured a longer life. We have found certain units need to be serviced on a very accelerated schedule while others could be serviced less often. Some of the things the Fleet Department has done are assessment of oil samples. By analyzing oil samples Fleet discovered the heavy-duty trucks could go an extra 1000 miles before the wear metals began increasing. Over a 10-year period this is nearly a $250,000 savings for Larimer County. We follow three different preventive service schedules: A, B, & C. These schedules meet the requirement of the different manufactures yet standardize the services. The

preventive maintenance program is modeled after the sever duty schedule of the original equipment manufacturer and years of experience. Other things that Fleet does is contamination control even new oil has to be handled in a different manner; by filtering the new oil to certain micron specification before it goes into the system can also help extend component life. Fleet holds itself and its venders to a very high standard for quality repairs that last.

Larimer County Fleet has three field service trucks and one lube truck to meet the needs of Larimer county customers out in the field. Fleet Services strives to take care of many repairs while the units are in for service to minimize down time and inconvenience to the customer. Any repair that is safety related will be completed before the unit will be allowed to go back into service.

The Fleet staff can also perform Opacity inspections, DOT inspections, 24-hour emergency repair for snow removal equipment, welding, and lathe work. Fleet technicians are ASE certified (Automotive Service Excellence) as well as having extensive training provided from original equipment manufactures such as Caterpillar and Cummins engines. The staff is qualified to do complete engine overhauls, transmissions, differentials, sander control systems, fabrication of new equipment, hydraulic systems, as well as servicing the onboard computer systems with up to five onboard computers interfacing with each other.

These are some of the many things that fleet does while always remaining focused on creating a safe work environment for the employees.

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