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Larimer County Justice Center

Larimer County Justice Center

The Larimer County Justice Center, located at 201 La Porte Avenue in downtown Fort Collins, was dedicated on September 15, 2000.

First Floor

Clerk of Court
Courtroom 1A
Courtroom 1B

Second Floor

Jury Assembly
Judicial Administration
District Attorney
Courtroom 2A (District Court)
Courtroom 2B (District Court)

Third Floor

Courtroom 3A (District Court)
Courtroom 3B (District Court)
Courtroom 3C (County Court)
Courtroom 3D (District Court)
Conference Room 305 (Civil Returns)
CASA Offices

Fourth Floor

Courtroom 4A (District Court)
Courtroom 4B (District Court)
Courtroom 4C (District Court)
Courtroom 4D (County Court)
Conference Room 406 (Mediations)
Child Waiting Area

Fifth Floor

Courtroom 5A (District Court)
Courtroom 5B (District Court)
Courtroom 5C (District Court)
Courtroom 5D (County Court)
Family Court Facilitator

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