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Preparing to Develop Your Rural Property?

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The 1970 population of unincorporated Larimer County was 26,413. In 1996 it had more than doubled to 64,014.

Why do people choose to live in rural Larimer County?
  • Natural beauty.
  • Open land
  • Wildlife.
  • Clean air.
  • Pristine streams.
  • Rural lifestyle.

All of these attributes make rural Larimer County a great place to live. But they are attributes that must be respected and protected. It's up to each of us to do our part in maintaining the character and unique value of this place. Development of our rural areas will take thoughtful planning.

What are some possible effects of improper planning?
  • Poorly designed roads and house sites being constructed in rural areas.
  • Increased land disturbance in rural areas.
  • Increased potential for soil erosion of denuded areas.
  • Increased potential for wildfires.
  • Increased potential for wildlife habitat losses.
  • Economic and natural degradation.

If current trends continue, the need for
careful planning will be even more critical
in order to maintain our unique natural abundance
of resources and beauty.

What can we do to minimize these effects?
  • Take time to plan roads and building sites.
  • Minimize site disturbance.
  • Maintain natural landscapes.
  • Design roads and building sites that blend into the environment.
  • Design to control erosion.
  • Reclaim/revegetate disturbed areas.
  • Avoid critical wildlife habitat, streams, and wetlands.

The Plan

Creativity is encouraged when designing rural access roads and building sites.
  • Minimize disturbance.
  • "Fit" the site with the terrain.
  • Combine safety and site harmony.
  • Have a plan!

Larimer County adheres to the Uniform Building Code to assure the construction of safe, well engineered homes. Become familiar with the requirements of this code for excavations and foundation design. This will facilitate sound design and construction of cuts and fills during land development.

The following agencies can answer other questions you may have:

Uniform Building Code Requirements
Larimer County Building Department
200 West Oak Street, Suite 3100
Fort Collins, CO 80522-1190

Phone: (970) 498-7700

Road Design, Erosion Control, Site Restoration:
Larimer County Engineering Department
200 West Oak Street, Suite 3000
Fort Collins, CO 80522-1190

Scott Cornell (970) 498-5723

Wildfire Mitigation:
Wildfire Mitigation Coordinator
Larimer County Sheriff's Department
1303 North Shields Street
Fort Collins, CO 80524

Tony Simons (970) 498-5303

Livestock and Agricultural
Natural Resource Conservation Service
Larimer County Field Service Center
Fort Collins, CO 80526

Phone: (970)295-5655

Larimer County Extension Office
1525 Blue Spruce Drive
P.O. Box 543
Fort Collins, CO 80522

Phone: (970) 498-7400

Septic System Requirements:
Larimer County Department of Health & Environment
1525 Blue Spruce Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80522-2004

Phone: (970) 498-6775

Access Permits (Roads & Utilities):
Larimer County Engineering Department
200 West Oak Street, Suite 3000
P.O. Box 1190
Fort Collins, CO 80522-1190

Marc Lyons (970) 498-5709

Zoning Information:
Larimer County Planning Department
200 West Oak Street, Suite 3100
P.O. Box 1190
Fort Collins, CO 80522-1190

Phone: (970) 498-7683

Wildlife Behavior & Habitat:
Colorado Division of Wildlife
317 West Prospect Road
Fort Collins, CO 80526

Phone: (970) 484-2836

U.S. Forest Information:
United States Forest Service
Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forest
Visitor Information Center
2150 Centre Avenue, Building E
Fort Collins, CO 80526

Phone: (970) 295-6700

Weed Control:
Larimer County Weed District
Department of Parks and Open Lands
200 West Oak Street, Suite 4000
P.O. Box 1190
Fort Collins, CO 80522-1190

Mike Carroll (970) 498-5769

Wetland Mitigation Requirements:
Department of the Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District
9307 South Wadsworth Boulevard
Littleton, CO 80128-6901

Terry McKee (303) 979-4120

We are very interested in hearing your ideas about this subject. If you have suggestions regarding the information provided in this presentation, would like more information, or wish to express your opinion about the content, please contact:

Traci Shambo, Larimer County Engineering Department, 200 W. Oak Street, Suite 3000, Fort Collins, CO 80522, Phone: (970) 498-5701, or you can send e-mail to Traci.

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