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Frequently Asked Questions About The Larimer County Directional Sign Program

Where Are The Signs Placed?

The signs are placed on the closest rural county road with classification of either major collector or arterial. The signs are typically placed a minimum of 200 ft in advance of the intersection, depending on requirements for other regulatory signs.

Can Seasonal Businesses Participate In The Program?

Yes. The signs can be erected and covered during those times that the business is not in operation. (There is an additional charge for this.)

How Do I Apply?

Contact Colorado Logos at (303) 462-2320 or (888) 634-5646. A representative will assist you in completing the paperwork, and explain the approval process and next steps, including design of business logos for the sign if desired.

What Size Are The Signs?

A plaque is 48" wide by 18" high. Up to four plaques can be accommodated on one sign assembly (in some locations, more than one assembly can be accommodated at an intersection.) A "trailblazer" sign is used only when additional turns on local roads are necessary.

What Goes On The Sign?

Either wording or a symbol can be placed on a plaque. A symbol can include either a specific business logo, or a more generic food/gas/lodging symbol.

What If I Don't Meet All the Eligibility Criteria But Still Want a Sign?

Requests for eligibility waivers can be made to County Staff. If denied, then an appeal can be made to the Board of County Commissioners.

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