Holiday Fog in Larimer County

Larimer County Offices, Courts, and District Attorney will be closed February 20, 2017 for the Presidents' Day Holiday. The Landfill will be open. Critical services at Larimer County are not disrupted by closures.


Larimer County HARN Control Point Map

Roach K 324 Clarke P 137 Reset A 77 N 311 Ragsdale Greer U 287 MP369.85 R 308 Inghram G 308 36 RMB Comstock Railroad Heiden I-25 MP281.96 M 356 Touslee Rodenberger Nelson B 357 U 356 Snell E 53 Smith 97 Warwick B 137 Reset E 137 Reset 56 RMB Dailey P 135 Biggi L 135 Hipp 32908 Feather RM 1 194 B 135 X 134 U 134 Wall I Harding Ranger Olson Sumpter Myhre Shockley Lancaster Duvall Finley Muscott "A" Hoff V 401 CSU 2 C 409 E 357 X 402 Guerrero FC 1394 Y 401 FC 2694 A 409 Kerr Azari FNL C Johnson G 402 BNSF Spencer RP 65 MacFarlane E 20 E 7 30508 Keister Purdy Demosthenes Campton Collinson AZ MK Disney Bartling Lily Lake Kirkpatrick Allen Blue Timm E 27 Farren Cook L 410 Thompson Miller U 311 Goering Bud FC 923 Bradshaw
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HARN information (Class B monuments) was obtained from the NGS - see for the most current HARN data.

This table summarizes data for all monuments shown on the map.

Background Image: Holiday Fog III, AJ Schroetlin . All rights reserved.