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Sorted Alphabetically by Subdivision Name

The table below is a list of the subdivisions in Larimer County where some of the streets are county maintained. Click on the subdivision name to display the list of streets which are county maintained in that subdivision. Only a few of the streets in a subdivision may be county maintained and some streets are only maintained for a portion of their length.

Subdivision Name Section Township Range Maint
0538Ader Estates2,11669132
0211Applewood Estates2669132
0321Aquaview 156942
04211,04212Berthoud Estates3046943
0300Blue Mountain3146943
0251Bo Mar3556943
0411Bonnell Acres3256943
0488Bonnell West PUD3156943
0198Boyd Lake Shores556842
0434Brook Knolls Coop2566942
0494Bruns PUD2466942
02236Carriage Hills147373
0201Cloverdale Acres3556943
0254Coffee Park Addition9769131
0344Colland Center24669132
0330Colony Ridge346943
0320Cotton Willows Estates29869131
0181Country Club Estates31868131
0461Crystal View (partial)3666942
01451Dean Acres4769131
0412Dellwood Heights36869131
0170Drager Park29869131
0182Fairway Estates1669132
0288Forbes Ranch Estates2846943
03601Fort Collins Business Center7768131
02281Fort Collins Industrial Park7768131
0406Fossil Creek Meadows PUD1,12669132
0337Fossil Crest11669132
0580Fox Hills PUD33769132
0350Glades West PUD14,2367042
0216Homestead Estates22768131
0297Horseshoe Park3446943
0208Ideal Heights2186981
0191Imperial Estates and Westfield34769132
0431Jackson Heights14768131
0298Kanarado Estates2696981
0323Kent Estates3046943
0554Kitchell Sub15768131
0185Lakeshore Gardens3666942
0405Lake Knolls South2056943
0419Liberty Meadows4769131
0210Lin Mar Acres476981
0456Longs Peak Estates3456943
0299Lynn Acres12669132
0556Manor Ridge Estates24669132
0403Manzanita Estates3456943
0267Maplewood Estates246943
0333McMurray Ranch10870131
03281Meadow Heights33768131
0175Midway Acres246943
0301Miravalle East2457043
0397Mountain Range Shadows22668132
0397Mountview Acres2046943
0184Namaqua Hills (partial)856942
0189Nedrah Acres31868131
0428North Morr Estates2566942
0424North Woods Park3666942
0196Panoramic West2156843
0196Paradise Acres2156843
0332Park Meadows2546943
0342Park Meadows West2546943
0151Pinewood Springs2847173
0044Poudre Park1871111
0801REA Development Roads2366842
0179Ranch Acres3566942
0341Ridgewood Meadows12768131
0352River Glen2746943
0564Riverlakes Estates2156843
0206Rolling Hills19869131
0370Scenic Knolls11669132
02780Shirley Heights4769131
0135Sierra Vista Terraces2556943
0221Skyview & Skyview 1st Addition11669132
03922Skyview South (2nd filing)11669132
0467Springfield Sub33769132
0493Springfield PUD33769132
500Spring Mountain Ranch3456943
0195Sunrise Acres16768131
0443Taft Canyon PUD33769132
0256Terry Point Estates26869131
0226Terry Shores25869131
01801Trilby Heights13669132
0124Valleyview and Spaulding Ln36869131
0459Vaquero Estates2146943
0158Victoria Estates13669132
0257Vista Bonita Acres10768131
0446Western Mini-Ranches2946943
0167Westridge Manor856943
0803Wildflower Ridge PUD3376942
B,C,DOther Co Maint Sub Streets   131

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