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What do we do?

The Development Review Services Team is responsible for processing a variety of land use applications, which include requests for land divisions, commercial developments, rezoning requests, amended plats, Rural Land Use Plans, referral from adjacent entities, and proposed public projects. The Team primarily includes the Larimer County Planning Department, Engineering Department, and Health Department. The Team also works cooperatively with other City and County departments that are involved in review of new land use applications.

One of the main objectives of the Engineering component of the Development Review Services Team is to ensure that adequate public facilities are addressed with all new land use applications proposed within Larimer County. The Engineering Department Development Services Engineers are responsible for analyzing and evaluating information regarding transportation, stormwater, floodplain, and erosion control needs. We provide technical review of construction plans, stormwater and erosion control plans and reports, floodplain analysis, groundwater modeling, geotechnical/soil investigation reports, traffic impact studies and pavement designs.

What are the Engineering Related Requirements and Standards?

As part of the Larimer County Engineering Department technical review, staff determines whether land use applications comply with applicable Larimer County Codes and Standards. These include:

These codes represent the minimum requirements for land use applications and any deviations from these standards will require a staff variance or appeal approved by the Board of County Commissioners.

Once a Development is approved, when can construction start?

A Development Construction Permit(DCP) is required prior to the commencement of any improvements associated with an approved project, except Rural Land Plans (Section 12.5 of the Larimer County Land Use Code). Prior to issuance of this permit, the applicant must schedule a Development Construction Permit meeting with our Department. The fee schedule of the permit is listed on the Development Construction Permit and is based on the number and type of units proposed.

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