Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson

Eligibility Criteria

Any crime victim is permitted to submit an application for Crime Victim Compensation funds; however per Colorado law and Victim Compensation Board policy, there is certain criterion that must be met in order to be eligible for Victim Compensation funds which include:

  • Victim must be that of a compensable crime
  • Crime must have occurred on or after July 1, 1982
  • Crime must have been reported to law enforcement within 72 hours
  • Victim must apply for Crime Victim Compensation within one year of the date of the crime
  • Victim must cooperate with law enforcement and/or prosecution team
  • The victim's death or injury was not substantially attributable to the victim's own wrong doing or substantial provocation

Please note: the Victim Compensation Board may waive one or more of these requirements for good cause or in the interest of justice.

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