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Discovery Procedures

Requests for discovery are received in the following ways

  • Entry of Appearance will trigger notification
  • Faxed request from defense counsel
  • Request in person at Central Services window in Fort Collins
  • Request in person at District Attorney's Office in Loveland
  • Request mailed to Central Services

Discovery Request Form

Discovery Fees

District Court $36.00
Juvenile Court $29.00
County Court $18.00
No charge for supplemental discovery  

When out-of-town attorneys submit an entry of appearance or request for discovery, Central Services will notify the attorney via fax when initial discovery becomes available along with the cost. Discovery will be mailed once payment has been received in full. A $5.00 one-time shipping and handling fee will be charged in addition to the cost of the initial discovery.

Initial Discovery Procedures

Upon receipt of an entry of appearance from the defense attorney, the attorney's name will be entered into the imaged database as the attorney of record. When discovery is available, a notification will be sent via fax.

Supplemental Discovery Procedures

When additional information is received, subsequent discovery is automatically available for pick up and notification will be sent via fax. In addition, defense counsel will be provided with all available subsequent discovery every time they come to the Central Services window. Subsequent discovery will be mailed to out-of-town attorneys weekly.

Requests For Public Access Information

A request for discovery form must be filled out; Central Services will forward the request to the Deputy District Attorney for approval or denial. The individual making the request will be contacted with 7 to 10 business days informing them of the outcome of the request. Proper ID will be required prior to releasing any information. The fee for this information is the same as the initial discovery fees.

If public access is requested on a Juvenile of Sexual Assault case, the case must be redacted by the sexual assault investigator prior to releasing any information. An appropriate charge for redacting the case will be assessed and vary depending on the length of time to complete the redaction process. Redacted copies of cases may take five (5) business days to complete.

Requests For Discovery From Victims

Requests for discovery by victims shall come through the victim specialist assigned to the case or may be filled out by the victim. Central Services will forward the request to the Deputy District Attorney for approval or denial. The individual making the request will be contacted within 7 to 10 business days informing them of the outcome of the request. Victims will not be charged for discovery.

Requests For Release Of Second Sample

A release for second sample form must be filled out and an authorization letter will then be provided by Central Services. This letter must be picked up by in-town attorneys at the Central Services window. Out-of-town attorneys will have the letter faxed to them.

Intoxilizer information will automatically be imaged and provided.

General Information

When evidence or discovery discs are not readable, the damaged disc must be returned in order to receive a duplicate disc free of charge. If the disc is not available for whatever reason, we will charge for the duplication.

Occasionally, we receive discovery requests from significant others, parents of adult defendants, etc., on behalf of the defendant or juvenile. In order to verify and release discovery to someone other than the defendant, we require a notarized release signed by the defendant authorizing their adult representative to receive discovery and a photo ID from the adult representative. We will verify the defendant's intent to the best of our ability. When we receive discovery requests from attorneys who have not entered on a case, they must fill out a criminal justice records request.

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