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Marriage-Divorce Rates

Date updated: 02/26/2013

Marriage is measured by counting the number of marriage licenses issued each year by the Larimer County Clerk & Recorder's office. Divorce is the number of dissolutions of marriage and legal separations granted by the District Court. Both rates are calculated using a population count of persons 18 years or older.

What this chart shows: Marriage and Divorce Rates (per 1,000 Adults) in Larimer County, 2003-2012


Data Sources:

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What the above data tell us:

There have been more marriages than divorces in Larimer County over the last decade. The marriage rate in Larimer County has fluctuated from a low of 10.6 marriages per 1,000 adults in 2009 to a high of 11.7 in 2003 and 2009, averaging 11.3 over the last decade.

During this same time period, the divorce rate fluctuated between a high of 7.6 per 1,000 adults in 2005 and a low of 6.0 per 1,000 adults in 2008.

Divorce has long been connected to bankruptcy, and bankruptcy to divorce. An article by staff of the Executive Office for United States Trustees states: "One theory was that divorces cause bankruptcy because the dissolution of the household produces financial distress. The second theory was that divorce and bankruptcy are both examples of breaking promises and that an increase in promise breaking 'across the board' has produced the increases in both divorces and bankruptcy filings." (Source: United States Department of Justice, Library of Bankruptcy Articles)

In 2005, both bankruptcy and divorce rates hit a six-year high in Larimer County. While the increase in bankruptcies in 2005 has been tied to filers' awareness that bankruptcy laws would become more restrictive in 2006, it is open to interpretation as to whether the increase in divorces during the same period is directly related to an anticipation of change in bankruptcy laws. Based on the theories referenced above however, a general correlation between bankruptcy and divorce rates appears to exist. See Bankruptcy and Foreclosure for more bankruptcy information. There were also changes in the Colorado Divorce laws in 2005 which hoped to reduce the negative impact of adversarial litigation.

What this chart shows: Marital Status of Population over Age 15, Larimer County, 2011 American Community Survey One-Year Estimates


Data Source: American Community Survey (Table B12001)

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What the above data tell us:

In 2011, the majority of Larimer County residents, over the age of 15, were married (51.9%), followed by those who have never been married (33.6%). In addition, a small percentage of those considered married were separated from their spouses (0.8%).

What this chart shows: Marital Status of Population 15 Years and Older in Larimer County Communities, 2007-2011 American Community Survey Five-Year Estimates

Data Source: American Community Survey (Table B12001)

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What the above data tell us:

It is estimated that, on average, 52.0% of Larimer County residents over the age of 15 were married during the last half of the decade (2007-2011). Of the individual communities, Fort Collins had the highest percentage of single people, while Timnath had the highest percentage of married residents. Caution must be used when considering percentages for communities with small populations; small changes in any marital status group would result in a large change in the percentage.

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Data Tables:

Marriages and Divorces in Larimer County



Adult Population (over 18)

Marriage Rate per 1,000 Adults

Divorce Rate per 1,000 Adults


2,424 1,367 206,350 11.7 6.6


2,432 1,289 211,040 11.5 6.1


2,483 1,636 213,867 11.6 7.6


2,516 1,400 218,604 11.5 6.4


2,608 1,413 223,668 11.7 6.3


2,451 1,370 228,751 10.7 6.0


2,480 1,420 233,453 10.6 6.1


2,630 1,525 236,471 11.1 6.4


2,717 1,472 240,698 11.3 6.1


2,736 1,495 244,600 11.2 6.1

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Marital Status Percentage - American Community Survey 2011

Current Marital Status



Never Married

84,848 33.6%


131,252 51.9%


1,951 0.8%


9,966 3.9%


26,785 10.6%

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Marital Status - American Community Survey 2007-2011 Five-Year Estimates

Current Marital Status

Total Pop 15+


Never Married

Divorced or Separated



3,919 2,349 896 524 201

Estes Park

4,984 3,153 752 639 451

Fort Collins

118,474 52,559 51,364 11,254 4,178


52,558 30,736 12,415 6,958 2,984


389 273 74 31 17


4,442 2,574 1,063 744 126

See chart