The Board of County Commissioners have requested a refresh of our Strategic Plan. This process will involve everyone: citizens, elected offices, division leaders, and employees. The goal is to develop and maintain a forward-looking vision which fosters effective decision making and is specific enough so that detailed tactical plans can be developed and maintained. The Strategic Planning Process ensures Larimer County moves toward a desired future.

  Set direction, priorities, and communicate our future
  Simplify decision-making
  Get everyone on the same page, drive alignment
  A target to develop plans and tactics

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2013 Inside Information articles on this topic: February, March
See presentation to County commissioners.

Phase I Vision and Goals - Adopted May 7, 2013
Gather information to set the context of where Larimer County as a community and an organization is today. This information becomes input as we look at a five-year horizon to identify things the County should focus on.
  • External context: What's happening in the community? Citizen survey and community leader feedback, economic context and trends, social environment and trends, trends in government
  • Internal context: What's happening in our organization? Budget predictions and constraints, performance measures, employee demographics and survey, employee and leader input, environmental scan, strategy maps
Goals set the stage for creating objectives in the strategic plan.

Elected officials review context information and develop the vision and goals.

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Phase II Strategic Plan Objectives - Adopted October 21, 2013
A strategic plan is a tool county managers and leaders use to run their services. A 2013 refresh refocuses our efforts on a five-year horizon and provides the guidance to develop work plans that when executed realize our vision.
  • Objectives (for each goal) that are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) are developed. In addition to the 'how' (objectives) that have been recommended by organizational teams, 'actions' that could be taken to achieve the objectives are also recommended. These actions will also be used to develop work plans in the next phase.
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Phase III Work Plans - to be complete in Q1 2014
This phase is what drives the actual work that occurs in the county. It defines the activities we'll do that contribute to the long-term five-year strategic plan. These work plans provide annual guidance, with measurable results that drive how we accomplish objectives.
  • Elected offices and divisions work together so that at the end of the five-year strategic plan, we've accomplished our goals.
  • Work plans demonstrate the focus initiatives important to our community.
Roles: Objective Leaders and their teams develop work plans.

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