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November 10, 2011, 1:30-3:30 PM




The meeting was called to order at l: 30 PM by Chair Roger Svendsen


Members in Attendance : Ted Carter, Terry Ferebee, Lon Hughes, Eunice Michalka, Ben Myers, Donald Roger, Lucille Schmitt, and Roger Svendsen,


Members’ Excused Absences:  All other members had excused absences


Larimer County Representation:  LARCO Senior Planner Rob Helmick


Guests Present :  Creed Kidd


Adoption of Agenda :  The agenda was approved as written


Approval of Minutes :  October 13, 2011 meeting notes were approved as written


Communications from Committee Members:


1.    Roger Svendsen advised that there was not a Water/Sewer subcommittee meeting since the last PAC meeting because there was not any new information that needed to be discussed.  Additionally, Roger advised that the POA has purchased new weather equipment to be mounted on the POA building. 

2.    Eunice Michalka advised that a group of RFL residences came to the Lions Club and this group would like to have a community garden in the RFL Park.  A group has been formed to ascertain how other communities have facilitated such gardens.  Rob Helmick recommended that the LARCO Health Department and the District One, Department of Natural Resources in Greeley be contacted for guidance.


Communications from County Representatives


1.    Rob Helmick passed out LARCO 150 year centennial publication. 

2.    The Slash Program in Crystal Lakes got the attention of the State Health Department because there may have been some permits missing.  Apparently, Crystal Lakes has never had an air quality permit.


Comments from the Audience: None


Action item :  None




1.    High-speed Internet:  Rob Helmick stated that he issued some “locates” in order to determine what was already in the ground and received useful contact information from Century Link. 


Discussion Items :


1.    Slash:  Eunice Michalka advised that the RFL Fire Department has received two complaint letters pertaining to smoke and the ash odor from the Slash Solutions operation.  Roger Svendsen recommended that the letter writers contact Shirley at Slash Solutions because they are very proactive. 


2.    Water and Sewer: 


·  Roger Svendsen passed out written information pertaining to this issue.

·   Eunice Michalka advised that she had received an email response from a CSU Health and Environment Studies professor and he advised that his current students are all working on “seed to spoon” soil issues.  The professor asked what RFL was offering (money) to the students who would assist in developing a water sampling plan for RFL to determine the quality of water in RFL.  Since there is no money to pay these students, this endeavor reached a “dead end.”  Eunice recommended that the “leg work” be done to determine which RFL residences are willing to have their water wells tested before PAC members try to get assistance in testing wells.  Rob Helmick recommended that someone be identified to design a table top exercise to determine what we need to know about the RFL area so to be able to draw any conclusion about the area and then from the conclusions, what needs to be accomplished and in what sequence. 


3.    Property Lines:


·   There was some discussion of getting Larimer County state legislators involved in surveyor regulations as it pertains to communications to all landowners involved in a survey and specifically to those property owners that were damaged by the survey.  Eunice Michalka advised that a group of RFL residents will be meeting with Representative B. J. Nikkel in January concerning these issues. 


4.    Lucille Schmitt made a motion that the RFLPAC not meet in December 2011 and that the RFLPAC meet again in January 2012.  Eunice Michalka seconded this motion.  All attending RFLPAC members agreed with the potion.  .  



RFLPAC meeting adjourned at 3:00 PM


Submitted by Terry Ferebee






Background Image: Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson. All rights reserved.