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August 11, 2011, 1:30-3:30 PM




The meeting was called to order at 1:30 PM by Chair Roger Svendsen


Members in Attendance:  Susan Bradley, Terry Ferebee, Lon Hughes, Eunice Michalka, Donald Rogers, Lucille Schmitt, Michael Sledge and Roger Svendsen


Members Excused Absences. All other members had excused absences.


Larimer County Representation: LARCO Senior Planner Rob Helmick,


Guests Present: Pat Bradley, Stephen Johnson, Steve Koeckeritz, Jim Narva, Rob Allman and Gary Wiegel.


Adoption of Agenda: The agenda was approved as written.


Approval of Minutes: June 9, 2011 meeting notes were approved as written


Communications from Committee Members :


Susan Bradley advised the PAC that she had meet with Tom and Judy Viola and they brought Susan up-to-date on the Soaring Eagle Ecology Center and asked that this information be passed on to the RFLPAC.  Susan handed out a Newsletter dated July, 2011 from the Soaring Eagle Ecology Center. The Center’s web site is:


Tom and Judy Viola, through Susan, asked the PAC for a letter of support for a $2,000 grant for the Ecology Center.  It was decided that the PAC is not authorized to submit such a letter and it was recommended that the County Chair’s letter of support be used for this purpose. 


Eunice Michalka asked the PAC members to help pick up the meeting room after the meeting is adjourned.


Communications from County Representatives :


Rob Helmick advised the RFLPAC that Chair Tom Donnelly, Larimer County Board of Commissioners, ne June 28, 2011, signed a letter of “Support for New Ecology Center”.  Rob disseminated this letter to PAC members. 


Comments from the Audience : None


Action Item:


Slash Solutions Amendment to Woody Biomass site in Red Feather Location and Extend File #11-1856


Slash Solutions’ Manager of Public Affairs, Steve Koecheritz provided the following updated information to the RFLPAC


  • Slash Solutions has been finalized into an LLC
  • Fifty investors have invested in Slash Solutions
  • Have raised approximately $150,000.00
  • Have finalized the purchase of a burner
  • An amber screen has been ordered and should arrive within a week
  • Have purchased a loader back-hoe
  • Have purchased a fire tanker truck from the RFL Fire Department
  • Will install a 10 / 16 log structure that will house employees
  • Have modified the existing parameter fencing
  • Have made arrangements for general liability insurance
  • Have finalized the air quality permit with the State of Colorado
  • Have obtained an access permit from Larimer County
  • If the Larimer County Planning Committee approves Amendment on August 17, Slash Solutions hopes to open on August 18, 2011
  • One person will be available to receive slash and another person will be available to operate the burner. 
  • Weather permitting, plan to be in operation year-around
  • Have sent letters to 73 property owners in the general vicinity of the site
  • Have tentatively scheduled to burn on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and receive slash Thursday through Monday.
  • Rates will be $5.00 per cubic yard for slash and $6.00 per cubic yard for log material.  There will be a minimum fee of $10.00 for small loads. 


Slash Solutions’ Manager of Safety Jim Narva advised the RFLPAC that safety is the number one concern.  Jim has over 25 years of volunteer fire service and served with the Cheyenne Fire Department for 14 years with emphasis in operations and emergency medical care.  He was appointed by the Governor of Wyoming to serve as the Wyoming State Fire Marshall for the State of Wyoming and has extensive experience in fire prevention, public education, code enforcement, as well as many others. 


  • Slash Solutions has purchased and will be installing security camera that can be monitored remotely. 
  • Have been working directly with the Red Feather Fire Department


Michael Sledge acknowledged the need for such a site in RFL.  However, he voiced concern about a review process in case things don’t go as planned.  Mr. Koeckeritz stated that Slash Solutions will have to conduct periodic air quality tests. Lucille Schmitt referred the PAC to item 4 under Development Services Team Recommendation, which states “The site shall be subject to an annual review and comment by the RFLPAC.  This review shall occur every August and if unresolved issues arise, the operation either shall be modified or may require further review by the Larimer County Planning Commission.”  Rob Helmick stated that the Location and Extend does not un-obligate Slash Solutions from complying with other codes, noise ordinances etc. pertaining to this site. Rob further stated that this is a location Extend not a zoning approval. 


Prior to this RFLPAC meeting, Larimer County staff mailed and e-mailed the Amendment documentation pertaining to this action item. 


Roger Svendsen made a motion to forward a recommendation for approval to the Larimer County Planning Commission for the Slash Solutions Amendment to Woody Biomass site in Red Feather Location and Extend file #11-Z1856.  The motion was seconded by Terry Ferebee. 


A roll call on the Motion of RFLPAC members is:


Susan Bradley             Abstention

Terry Ferebee              Yes

Lon Hughes                Yes

Eunice Michalka         Yes

Donald Rogers            Yes

Lucille Schmitt            Yes

Michael Sledge           Yes

Roger Svendsen          Yes


Motion was approved.




Water and Sewer


Roger Svendsen stated that he had spoken to Ed Schemm, Assistant Director, Larimer County Department of Health.  As a result of the June 2011 RFLPAC meeting, Ed was going to try to find some grant money to develop data to ascertain if RFL actually has a contamination problem with personal wells.  Ed advised Roger that he did not find anything.  Ed mentioned the Colorado Rural Water Association (CRWA). 


Roger spoke to CRWA and found out that they have a considerable amount of educational material and support for existing water system.  However, for the RFL community, CRWA assistance would be later down the road.  Additionally, Roger contacted a Colorado Water Conservation Board member who redirected him to the South Platte Basin Roundtable. 


The Roundtable may be of assistance to RFL.  Funds are available two ways: l) through the South Platte Basin Roundtable and 2) through a state wide fund.  In order to quality for money in the state wide fund, you have to do something that is a benefit to more than one water basin.  Roger spoke to the Chair of the South Platte Basin, Jim Yahn, and he was encouraging.  For Basin grants, they will review a grant money application at their new quarterly meeting.  If the Basin committee approves the grant, they in turn forward the grant to the Colorado Water Conservation Board, which meets for Basin’s approvals bi-monthly.  Mr. Yahn stated that if the Basin could have an application by the end of September, they would review it at their October 2011 meeting.  The Basin Board needs the application at least one week prior to their meeting.  Roger discussed what is involved in the application with the PAC members. 


Roger asked for input from Rob, who stated:  There are two paths to take in a grant application.  One, the County could apply for the grant as RFLPAC is not authorized by its by-laws to apply for grants.  Two, create a Red Feather Lakes Water Exploration Committee and then incorporate this Committee. This would be a private, non-profit group that is separate from the PAC and the County.  Other entities have formed exploratory committee which is the leadership and fund seeking group. 


Rob handed out to the PAC, the applicability guidelines from the Water Conservation Board.  Rob advised that the County does not have a County-wide grant writer; however, some County departments have grant writer that specialize in writing grants for that specific County department.  Rob further advised that maybe Ed Schemm and the Department of Health may be able to assist in writing a grant. 


Roger identified what the application needs to contain:


  • Describe the applicant
  • State the purpose of the application – what do we want to do and why
  • Describe the study area that we are talking about
  • Identify any previous work that has been done in the area of the application
  • Identify the scope of work – what exacting is it that we want to do
  • Identify a list of goals
  • Identify a list of deliverables what will we have in our hand when we are done
  • Description of the participants
  • Detailed budget to specific which activities, what level of effort, what are the rates, in-kind and matching funds


Roger advised the PAC, that the application process needs to be started within six months.  The PAC decided that the Water and Sewer Subcommittee will continue to work on this worthwhile process. 


Discussion Items: None


RFLPAC meeting adjourned at 3:30 PM; Next regular meeting: October 13, 2011


Submitted by Terry Ferebee

Background Image: Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson. All rights reserved.