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G.        CONSENT ITEMS:                        *Will not be discussed unless requested by Commissioners or                                      members of the audience.


Detailed Information



Staff Contact:  Rob Helmick

            Request:  Location and Extent Review for 9000 feet of new 8’ water line, two -25,000 gallon water tanks and replacing a 200,000-gallon water tank 

Location:  5,6,7-6-69;Southwest of Fort Collins west of the western terminus of Trilby Road, over the hogback to Stout and in to the Horsetooth area.   

            Applicant:  Spring Canyon Water and Sewer District, Stan Meyers- Manager, 1627 E. 18th St, Loveland CO  80538


Development Services Team Recommendation:  The Development Services Team recommends Approval of the Spring Canyon Water and Sewer District Water System Location and Extent, file # 14-Z1957, subject to the following condition(s):


1.   Follow the Larimer County Best Management Practices for pipeline construction; this shall include plans for revegetation of disturbed areas.


2.   The applicant shall coordinate all bores/crossings of the local and county roads affected by the route and obtain all necessary permits and permissions. 


3.   The applicant shall obtain all necessary and required municipal, State and Federal permits for the construction of the pipeline.  This includes any floodplain or other permits.


4.   The approval of this pipeline designates a corridor along the alignment and deviations to accommodate field issues will not affect the approval.  Significant alterations to the route shall be evaluated by the County prior to commencing activity, and may be subject to further review.




            *2.       KILPECKER COMMUNICATIONS LOCATION AND EXTENT                              #14-Z1958


Staff Contact:  Rob Helmick

            Request:  Location and Extent Review for 70-foot communications tower, support facilities and road and power line to the site for Larimer County.

            Location:  5-9-74; south of Deadman Road off of Forest Service Road 300 west of Red Feather Lakes 

            Applicant:  Larimer County IT Department, David Rowe, 2510 Midpoint Dr., Fort Collins CO  80525


            Development Services Team Recommendation:  The Development Services Team recommends Approval of the Killpecker Communications Location and Extent, file #14-Z1958, subject to the following condition(s):


1.   A Final Site Plan review will be necessary prior to the acceptance of building permit or development permit applications. 

2.   All additional permits for roadway and power line construction as necessary shall be obtained prior to construction.

3.   Building Permits or reviews as required for construction of the tower and the subsequent attachment of any antenna or arrays shall be obtained prior to the commencement of any construction activity.   



*3.       REEVES ACRES SUBDIVISION                                                                   #14-S3254


Staff Contact:  Rob Helmick

Request:  Preliminary Plat Review of a Subdivision to subdivide 35.75 acres into two lots: one of 5 acres and another of 2 acres for single-family residential and a residual lot of 28+ acres.

            Location:  14-8-68; On the south side of CR 58 adjacent to Boxelder Creek south east of Wellington

            Applicant:  Donny & Shawna Reeves, 3301 Saratoga St. #B, Wellington CO 80549


Development Services Team Recommendations:  The Development Services Team recommends the Larimer County Planning Commission recommend to the Board of County Commissioners Approval of the Reeves Acres Subdivision Preliminary Plat, file #14-S3254, to the following condition(s):


1.   The Final Plat shall be consistent with the approved preliminary plan and with the information contained in the Reeves Acres Subdivision Preliminary Plat file #14-S3254, except as modified by the conditions of approval or agreement of the County and applicant.  The applicant shall be subject to all other verbal or written representations and commitments of record for the Reeves Acres Subdivision Preliminary Plat.


2.   The following fees shall be collected at building permit issuance for new single-family dwellings:  Poudre School District school fee, Larimer County fees for County and Regional Transportation Capital Expansion, Larimer County Regional Park Fees (in lieu of dedication) and drainage fees.  The fee amount that is current at the time of building permit application shall apply. 


3.   Fire Requirements Residential fire sprinklers will be required in all new habitable buildings.


4.   All habitable structures will require an engineered foundation system. Such engineered foundation system designs shall be based upon a site specific soils investigation.  The lowest habitable floor level (basement) shall not be less than 3 feet from the seasonal high water table.  Mechanical methods proposed to reduce the ground water level, unless it is a response after construction, must be proposed on a development wide basis.


5.   Passive radon mitigation measures shall be included in construction of residential structures on these lots.  The results of a radon detection test conducted in new dwellings once the structure is enclosed but prior to issuance of a certificate of occupancy shall be submitted to the Building Department.  As an alternative, a builder may present a prepaid receipt from a radon tester, which specifies that a test will be done within 30 days.  A permanent certificate of occupancy can be issued when the prepaid receipt is submitted.


6.   Complete the necessary property line issues to correct encroachments and setback issues prior to the final plat.













H.        ITEM:


4.         TAPESTRY HOUSE SPECIAL REVIEW                                                      #14-Z1939


Staff Contact:  Savanah Benedick

            Request:  A) To modify conditions 2, 8 and 11 of the previously approved Randolph Special Exception, File No. 03-BOA0426.  Proposed modifications include: allowing property to be owner or manager occupied, increasing the allowed number of vehicle trips, and conversion of the apartment into an accessory dwelling for owner/manager.  Applicant is also seeking approval for accessory overnight accommodations for wedding clients only within the existing Tapestry House. 

            B)  Appeal to Section 8.6.3.C.1 of the Land Use Code regarding paving of two additional parking areas that the applicant is proposing to use for event staff and for overflow parking.

            Location:  NE ¼ of Section 29, Township 8, Range 69; 3212 N. Overland Trail, Laporte

Applicant:  Bobbie Van Norman-Randolph, Mark Randolph, 3212 N. Overland Trail, Laporte, CO  80535


Development Services Team Recommendation:  A) The Development Services Team recommends the Larimer County Planning Commission recommend to the Board of County Commissioners approval of the Tapestry House modified Special Exception, File No. 14-Z1939, subject to the following condition(s):


1.   Failure to comply with any conditions of the Special Exception approval may result in reconsideration of the use and possible revocation of the approval by the Board of Commissioners.


2.   The property shall be owner-occupied or manager-occupied for the effective life of the Special Exception.


3.   The maximum number of vehicles for a single day shall be no more than 100.  In no event shall there be more vehicles than is allowed in the parking lot as illustrated on the approved site plan.


4.   The existing dwelling in the upper level and east side of the barn has been fully permitted as an accessory dwelling for the owners and/or future managers of the business.  If, in the future, the community hall/event venue use ceases to operate, the converted barn must be meet the requirements for an accessory living area, and be approved through the Public Site Plan process.


5.   The Tapestry House (residential building) shall be approved for accessory overnight accommodations for 12 wedding/event clients.  The accessory overnight accommodations shall only be used in conjunction with weddings/events and shall not be open to the general public.


6.   A Change of Occupancy or Change of Use Permit will be required for the Tapestry House building through the Building Department.  The applicant must work with the Building Department to ensure that all Building and Fire Codes are met.


B)    The Development Services Team recommends the Larimer County Planning Commission recommend to the Board of County Commissioners denial of the appeal to Section 8.6.3.C.1 of the Land Use Code.






J.          ADJOURN


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