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December 12, 2013

Meeting Minutes

Voting Members in attendance: John Rattle, Kay Dechairo, Averil Strand, Randy Ratliff, Chris Gastelle, Margaret Crespo, Josi McCauley, Dale Lake, Greg Ketchum, Michael Ruttenberg

Erin McElroy (for Jenny Ellison)

Non-Voting Members in attendance: Thad Paul, Bob Bauman, Shannon Reiff

Recorder: Charmaine McKela

  1. Call to order by Averil Strand at 11:35 a.m
  2. Review and Approval of Minutes of September 12, 2013
    • Motion to approve September minutes by John Rattle, seconded by Josi McCauley. All in favor, motion passed.
  3. Takeaways & Goals From LCIOG/FAPT Retreat – Shannon Reiff/Thad Paul
    • Discussion on Referral Process, Training and Education and Expectations. Considering returning to one team approach as deemed most successful and most consistent for families. Scheduling and time compromise as well as locations to be determined through pilot program that will be assessed over a two to three month period. Meetings to be held on Thursdays each week, continuing to serve eight families each day. These meetings would alternate between Fort Collins and Loveland. Loveland sites were discussed and will be researched. Discussion regarding County marketing awareness and possible strategies to pursue as well as presentations by FAPT Coordinator.
  4. Life Board Merge With LCIOG Board – Thad Paul
    • Discussed and approved at two Board Meetings to re-merge the two Boards. Life Board was the predecessor to LCIOG—oversees CORE dollars. Merge doesn't really change things. Appointment time frames will be staggered for board members. All meeting minutes will be available via the County's website—Virtual Courthouse. The public is welcome to attend. Deb Bowen will share a list of all members now that the two boards are combined.
  5. Budget Committee Report – Thad Paul, John Rattle and Chris Gastelle
    • November meeting Balance Sheet with four outcomes identified by group each year. Discussed how Larimer County was unique in paying and funding programs/services whereas other counties pay a Coordinator. There is a three year outlook on funding. (LCIOG is not a legal entity thereby unique vs. private/non-profit.) In 2013 did not meet outcomes. Finance Committee requests and recommendations discussed. Clarification made that funds were not a lump sum and will balance, but won't reduce budget dollars and will be for this year only.
    • Motion by John Rattle that section in contract requires LCIOG 46% savings TRCC be rescinded for 2013-2014 only, seconded by Kay Dechairo. (ALL) in favor with 1 abstention, motion passed.
  6. Promoting Safe and Stable Families (PSSF) Overview – Thad Paul
    • Federal funds for new program. Department of Human Services matches, but funds on State year therefore for 9 months (spend 10/01-6/30). February/March to discuss actual budget—John Rattle confirmed budget received and approved.
  7. Colorado Community Response Grant – Thad Paul
    • New fund/new program partnership with Matthews House staff work through Community Life Center. This represents "hard dollars". Grant work with families that don't meet criterion for our services. This is a two year grant program whereby we do the assessment, but donít have the authority to continue with services so refer to Matthews House.
  8. Old Business – None
  9. New Business
    • PHASE II presentation CSU
      Cases closed last year
      Date different broader community
  10. Next Meeting
    • January 9, 2014
      Phase II Presentation 1-3 p.m., LCIOG Meeting 3-4 p.m.
      Larimer County Court House
      200 West Oak Street
      Hearing Room and Boyd Lake Room
      Fort Collins, CO 80521
  11. Adjourn 12:50 p.m.
  12. Notes submitted by Charmaine McKela

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