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LIFE Board Meeting  10:30 – 11:30 AM

Lake Estes Room,  Larimer County Court House

November 8, 2012

Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Denise Suniga, Emily Brown, Laurie Klith, Eric Moskalski, Paul Christenson, Tim Caffrey, Jerri Howe, Kristin Mooney, Catherine Weaver, Laura Garrett, Mike Ruttenberg, Deb Bowen

Introductions were made around the table.


Minutes of the August 2, 2012 LIFE Board meeting were approved.


Members of the LIFE Board are invited to attend the monthly Family Consumer Council meetings held on the 4th Wednesday of the month.  Locations switch between Fort Collins and Loveland at different community locations. 

November’s Family Consumer Council  meeting will be held in Loveland on November 28 from 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM at 1511 E. 11th Street, Loveland, CO  80538.


Program Area 3 and Draft Rules

·         Catherine Weaver discussed Program Area 3’s  (PA3)draft rules for policy.  Program Area 3 is Core dollars used for prevention and  intervention work for children and families.  A new TRAILS component for PA3 will hopefully be completed by March 2013.


Tri-West Core Services Report Review

·         Core Services Report not yet available.  Report was due to the Governor in September but has not been released to us.  We will e-mail the report once it is distributed.

Community Provider Updates

·         Jerri Howe updated us on the Mathews House Community Life Center (CLC).  A community Open House was held on Nov 10 and the CLC officially opened on November 12.   Several  community classes and programs are being offered at the CLC with an open gym and community activities in the evening.   Holiday activities are planned, i.e., Thanksgiving dinner and a Christmas activity.  The family to family workers have been receiving referrals and  have cases.  A fundraising project will start in January 2013.

·         Laura Garrett reported that she is thinking about starting a bipolar support group in January 2013.

·         Kristin Mooney reported that Touchstone Health Partners  in-home programs are now fully staffed and the outpatient programs are busy and quite full.

·         Laurie Klith reported on The Center for Family Outreach upcoming classes for GED and vocational education.  Additional classes for youth with mental health issues ages 13 – 15 years old are needed.  The Center will also be hosting classes at the Matthews House CLC.

·         Tim Caffrey reported that he has two new shows on the Tim Caffrey Show .  One on education and funding.  Tim is also helping with the search for a new superintendent for Poudre School District.

·         Emily Brown reported all is going well with coaching and The Jacob Center.

·         Paul  Christenson reported Turning Point is no longer using the Shields Street property.   The Zombie Crawl fundraiser ran by Turning Point youth raised $35K.


January 2013 LIFE Board Meeting

·         The  LIFE Board is invited to the annual CSU Phase II Outcome Study Report Out for Core Services.  (This will take the place of the January LIFE Board meeting.)

Ř  January 10, 2013

10:00 AM - Noon

Larimer County Court House

Hearing Room, 1st floor

200 West Oak Street

Fort Collins, CO  80521


No old or new business.


Adjourned 11:30 AM


Notes submitted by:  Deb Bowen


LIFE Board Schedule for 2013


LIFE Board meetings are held quarterly on the 1st Thursday of the month*  from 10:30 – 11:30 AM at the Court House, 200 West Oak Street, Fort  Collins, CO  80521


*Except January 10, 2013, where we will have CSU present an analysis of CORE Service outcomes that the LIFE Board members are invited to attend .  This meeting takes the place of our January LIFE Board meeting.


 1.  JANUARY 10, 2013*  -              HEARING ROOM, 1ST FLOOR * 10:00 AM – NOON

2.  MAY 2, 2013                 -               LAKE ESTES CONFERENCE ROOM – 3rd FLOOR

 3.  AUGUST 1, 2013         -              LAKE ESTES CONFERENCE ROOM – 3rd FLOOR

 4.  NOVEMBER 7, 2013  -              HUMAN SERVICES, 2555 MIDPOINT DR

                                                                SUITE E, CHIMNEY HOLLOW ROOM, 2ND FLOOR


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