Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson

LIFE Board Meeting 9:00 – 10:30 AM

Lake Estes Room, Larimer County Court House

May 9, 2013

Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Thad Paul, Emily Brown, Maddie Ross, Paul Christenson, Jerri Howe, Catherine Weaver,  Mike Ruttenberg, Deb Bowen, Jim Drendel

·  Most of the meeting consisted of a  webinar presented by the Colorado Department  of Human Services: 

 Core Services Program and Core Allocation presented by Colorado Dept. of Human Services. 

YouTube link below:


Core Webinar on YouTube


Regional Meetings will be held on the Core Services Program and Core Allocation on the following dates:

June 25                 Durango/LaPlata County

June 26                 Garfield County

June 27                 Pueblo County

June 28                 Weld County


No old business


New business

·  A discussion was held about the possibility of the LIFE Board merging with the Larimer County Interagency Oversight Group (LCIOG).   This would be a benefit for the voices of the LIFE Board to be heard by the LCIOG Board who is responsible for funding the CORE Services programs.  The Life Board members could become non-voting members of the LCIOG Board and advise the LCIOG Board.  The Life Board members present were supportive of this idea.  Future discussions will be held as more information is available.


Next LIFE Board Meeting:

August 1, 2013

10:30- 11:30 AM

Larimer County Court House

200 West Oak Street

Lake Estes Room, 3rd Floor

Fort Collins, CO  80521


Adjourned 10:30 AM


Notes submitted by:  Deb Bowen



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