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LAPAC meeting

July 16, 2013


Members present: Susanne Cordery-Cotter, Mandy Kotzman, Allan Leibow, Ed Ott, John Schmid Alison Schonhoff, Ed Stoner.


Larimer County Planning Staff Members Present : Samantha Mott, Terry Gilbert.


Meeting Called to Order: Mandy Kotzman (Chair) called meeting to order at 7:01 p.m


Agenda: adopted (motion by Ed Ott, seconded by Susanne, all in favor.)


Meeting Minutes: April 16, 2013 meeting minutes adopted (motion by Ed Stoner, seconded by Ed Ott, all in favor)


Communication Items:


  1. New members: Samantha introduced the two new members, Alison Schonhoff and John Schmid.


  1. LAPAC Member Communication items:

a)   After watching the Planning Commission hearing on the Boutique Events Center on television, Ed Ott questioned whether LAPAC is relevant and whether the Commission considers LAPACís recommendations. Samantha and Terry responded that the LAPAC information is included with the Planning Commissionersí information, and the Planning Commission considers LAPAC recommendations. The Planning Commissioners meeting is a public hearing, so they are gathering additional information in addition to the information provided by LAPAC.† The LAPAC† recommendations do not always get included as conditions on the development approval, however they are part of the public record.

b)   Susanne asked whether there were any updates on the Greeley Pipeline or the NISP project. No members had news. Samantha responded she would find updates and email them to us.


  1. County Communication Items (by Samantha Mott):

a)   The Planning Commission recommended with unanimous support approval of the Boutique Events Center. However they were six to one against the paving appeal, therefore the paving requirement remains.

b)   The paving versus gravel issue in the County will be looked at by Staff, and LAPAC will be contacted for input on that issue when that happens.

c)   A reminder that the County has gone paperless and we will receive emailed documents. If anyone would like a hard copy, however, they can request it; also Samantha will bring hard copies of large format drawings to meetings.


  1. Terry Gilbert, Discussion of Rural Community Outreach effort

The County will be conducting an outreach effort to find out the rural area needs in Larimer County. There will be a series of public meetings in August, September and October. The mechanisms the County can use to effect change include policies, ordinances and zoning interpretations by the Planning Director. The process will span approximately 18 months. LAPAC and other planned unincorporated areas will be asked for input. There will be a website for reviewing comments and status. Alison suggested a drop-box for providing written comments; Terry and Samantha liked the idea. Terry asked that LAPAC members get the word out about the upcoming meetings and planning effort.


The county is also developing a new information management system that will provide access on issues such as meetings, developments, status of projects, etc.


Personal Appearances: none


Action items:

Election of Officers: Ed Ott suggested keeping the status quo:† Mandy as Chair, Ed Stoner as Vice Chair and Susanne as Secretary.† The officers were amenable to this. Ed made a motion to keep the status quo, seconded by Allan. 5 yeas, 0 nays, 2 abstentions. Motion carries.


Discussion items:

Ed Stoner mentioned that during recent communications he had with the owners of the gravel pit at Taft Hill and 54G, they indicated that the pit will be finished in May 2014.


Meeting adjourned 8:11 p.m.






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