Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson




7:00 p.m.  August 28, 2013

Ft. Collins Room McKee Building




G. Barela, P. Young, S. Humann,  L. Parker, T. Baldwin, J. Brooks, F. Marino, G. Marison, A.Rankin,

R. Conaway, S. Golden,  K. Mannon, L. Kubin, S. Johnson , J. Hartman,  A. Powell, R. Befort, P. Hossler, B. Herrfeldt & M. Conaway


Guests:  None


Absent:  S. Jerrigan, G. Melick &  D. Mayer


1.  Meeting called to order at 7:05 pm by Gil Barela, Chairman

2.  Public Comment – none

3.  Motion to approve the July 24  meeting minutes made by:  S. Golden

     Second to motion made by:  P. Young

     Motion voted on and passed to approve the July 24  meeting minutes.

4.  Correspondence – G. Barela read S. Humann’s letter of resignation.  S. Humann has termed out and will not reapply for fair board position.  S. Humann will continue to chair the rodeo committee.

5.  Chairman’s Report – none

6.  Committee Reports:

Pancake Breakfast – G. Marison reported donation jar contained over $700.  Had more elected officials participating this year.  Thanked everyone for their support and help.

Parade – P. Young reported there was a lot of positive feedback.  Will be looking at new and improved methods for the 2014 parade.  Will work on getting more entries.

Royalty – G. Barela reported L.I.W. competition on Aug. 3 results and introduced 2014 L.I.W. Miss Mira Conaway.

Guest Services –J. Brooks reported on volunteer surveys and how to make it better. 

7.  Partner Reports:

 Extension – L. Kubin reported both open class and 4-H entries were up.  Larimer County Fair’s poultry show is the 2nd largest in the state.  Many Larimer County 4-h kids are doing well at State Fair.  Livestock Coordinator’s meeting will review 2013 and look for changes for 2014.

 Rodeo-  S. Humann reported Monday performance was sold out.  Need to increase sponsorship money for 2014.

 The Ranch -    

                 Buildings & Grounds – L. Garcia reported overall things went well. Storm on Saturday was unfortunate.  Explained     why number of golf carts limited because of the expense, no radios lost, and vendors pleased.

                  Entertainment – R. Befort reported all special events were great attendees very happy.  Might look to move the outdoor movie location for 2014.  Will be looking for some new and different musical entertainment.

                  Arena Activities – A. Powell reported participants gave good positive feedback on new RWF & Pav setup.  New livestock sale location made for a better and faster sale.  Camping had some new policies and layout this year.  New traffic flow.  All spaces were sold.  Dog and Pony Variety Show suffered from the storm.

                  Marketing – none

                 Sponsorship – none

                  Ovations – Reported that Gnarly Barely had good ticket sales with 30 breweries participating.

8.  Liaison Report

Junior Livestock Sale– G. Barela reported sale was highest gross yet selling 188 animals for $291,000.00

TETWP – A. Rankin reported 2014 Golf Tournament will be July 19.  Booth sales down from last year.

9.  Budget – Printouts were passed out to committee chairs.  B. Herrfeldt reported that final figures will be sent out to the board in October.

10. New /Other Business:

                September 3rd Executive Committee meeting cancelled

11.  Old Business:  CAFS Convention November 1 & 2 in Colorado Springs-

                Motion to send Queen, L.I.W. and R. Conaway to  convention made by:  P. Young

                Motion seconded by:  A. Rankin

                Motion to send Queen, L.I.W. and R. Conaway to November CAFS Convention voted on and passed.

12.  Adjournment:

                Motion to adjourn meeting made by:  P. Young   Motion Seconded by:  A. Rankin

                Motion to adjourn meeting voted on and passed

                Meeting adjourned at 7:52 pm


Respectfully Submitted:  M. Starck, Recording Secretary



Next Meeting:                                       October 23, 2013             

                                                       Ft. Collins Room – 7:00 pm

Background Image: Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson. All rights reserved.