Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson




7:00 p.m.  February 26, 2014

Ft. Collins Room McKee Building




G. Barela, L. Parker, T. Baldwin, G. Marison, K. Mannon, S. Humann, Danielle Mayer, Leslie Snow, Gary Sampson, S. Jernigan & M. Conaway


Guests:  None


Absent:  S. Golden, B. Herrfeldt, L. Kubin, S. Johnson & R. Conaway


1.  Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm by Gil Barela, Chairman

2.  Public Comment – none

3.  Motion to approve the January 22nd   meeting minutes made by:  G. Marison

     Second to motion made by:  L. Snow

     Motion voted on and passed to approve the January 22nd meeting minutes.

4.  Correspondence – G. Barela

      Email from Everett VanCampen asking board to volunteer at 4-H Carnival March 22 10 am -7 pm.  Contact Everett at 303-990-0647.

      Email from Larimer County Community Development Committee outreach asking for those interested in attending meetings.  Go to website for input.

5.  Chairman’s Report – G. Barela

      Prior meeting with L. Snow and G. Sampson to discuss and answer questions about Guest Services for the fair.  They will continue to look for a computer program to help organize volunteers.  Will bring back to board their findings.

      No report for January Executive Committee meeting, canceled due to bad weather

6.  Committee Reports:

Pancake Breakfast – G. Marison passed out schedule.  In March he will send out individual responsibilities.

Parade –P. Young reported some changes have been made to organization chart, application and layout map.

Royalty – D. Mayer reported that the program is doing well.  Attended the Miss Rodeo Colorado Clinic in Greeley and were asked to help with the coronation dinner.  They have a table at the 4-H carnival and will be handing out Royalty program information.

Guest Services –L. Snow requested a list of volunteer needs for various events so she can start working on filling the positions.

7.  Partner Reports:

 Extension – no report 

 Rodeo- S. Humann reported the rodeo committee along with the Ranch staff will be reorganizing the Tough Enough to Wear Pink event this year.

 The Ranch -  R. Befort

                    Coordinators – No major changes in layout and entertainment, will have the Dog and Pony Show on Saturday night again.  Vendor applications are website.

                  Marketing – A. Cunningham will give report at March meeting.

                  Sponsorship – D. Namesnik and C. Bossingham will give report at March meeting

                  Ovations – Lots of food vendors and working on Gnarly Barley event

8.  Liaison Report

Junior Livestock Sale– S. Jernigan reported that a highly contagious pig disease is reported in the state and may need to make pig show terminal.

9.  Budget – no report

10. New /Other Business:

                Item for March 4th Executive Committee meeting agenda for :

S. Jernigan asked if the board could help fund the “Caught Being Good” coupon program.  Extension provides some funds but S. Jernigan would like to increase the amount in order to include more 4-H’ers.  These coupons, worth one ice cream from the Junior Leaders Club, are given out to 4-H’ers during fair that are doing exceptional work.   Each coupon costs $1.00.

Following discussion

Motion that fair board gives the “Caught Being Good” coupon program $300 was made by P. Young.

Second to motion made by: G. Sampson

Motion voted on and passed that board give the “Caught Being Good” coupon program $300.

        NOTE:  According to proper procedure this vote was not in order and needed.  In the future any items for the

        Executive Committee must go directly on their meeting agenda, then after their decision the item comes

        Back to board for action.

11.  Old Business:  none

12.  Adjournment:

                Motion to adjourn meeting made by:  P. Young    Motion Seconded by:  L. Snow

                Motion to adjourn meeting voted on and passed

                Meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm


Respectfully Submitted:  M. Starck, Recording Secretary


Next Meeting:            March 26, 2014

                                    Ft. Collins Room – 7:00 pm

Background Image: Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson. All rights reserved.