Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson




7:00 p.m.  January 26, 2011

Ft. Collins Room

Meeting called to order at 7:01 p.m. by:  John Lee, Chairman 

                Motion to approve December meeting minutes made by:  Steve Humann     

Motion seconded by:  Larry Dunn 

Motion to approve December meeting minutes voted on and passed  

John Lee asked new Fair Board members to introduce themselves and give brief background and why they applied for t he board position.

Public Comment: 

§  Kyra Harmon wanted to present ideas on various fund raising activities.  John Lee referred her to visit with a Ranch staff member about her ideas.


§       Thank you card from Jim Wooldridge’s family for flowers sent to Jim’s funeral was read and passed around


§      Queens – Kodi Younghein passed out a list of their past and future events.  Queens have their autograph sheets and business cards printed along with the invitations to the May 20. Ball.   The invitations will be sent out shortly.  Kodi extended an invitation to any interested Fair Board members to serve on the Queen’s committee. 

§   Ovations – Abby Powell reported that Gnarly Barley plans will be same as in 2010.

Chairman’s Topics:   John Lee

§      2010 Fair Dashboard – Table until March meeting

Committee Reports:  

   John Lee asked each committee chairman to give brief description of committee responsibilities.

§  Pancake Breakfast –Loren Maxey will contact the committee, Scott Golden, Gil Barela, Sandi Elliott, John Lee, Larry Dunn, Alan Rankin, and Steve Humann about next committee meeting.

§  Parade – Pat Young reported the planning has started and will have more information at next meeting.

Liaison Reports:

§  Junior Livestock – Greg Melick reported some new faces on the committee, need more advertising and further explanation of the various opportunities for buyers.

§  Animal Welfare – no report

§  Tough Enough to Wear Pink –Alan Rankin reported fund raiser pancake breakfast at Applebee’s in March and a trail ride in April.  Flyers on these events will be handed out at February meeting.

§  Guest Services – Frank Marino reported 2011 volunteer applications are ready for the website.  Francis is coordinating the Senior Tax work-off program.  John Lee and Frank will start working on the scheduling computer program.

Extension:  L. Kubin announced upcoming extension and 4-H events.  The 4-H Carnival will be March 19th at Ranch.  She directed everyone to the 4-H newsletter for more information.  She passed out the Larimer County Extension Annual report.

      Rodeo:  no report

Ranch Update: 

§       A print out of The Ranch coordinators staff  responsibilities was passed out

§  Entertainment & 2011 Fair Schedule – Lisa Lytle reported that she is looking into a fishing pond display

§  Building & Grounds – Liz Garcia reported layout is much the same as it was in 2010.  Vendors apps are coming in.

§   Arena Activities – no update

§    Marketing – Abby reported Loveland street banner changes and need for numerous smaller banners

§   Sponsorship – no update

§  Web Site- direct information to Liz Garcia

Other/New Business:

§      4-H Fundraiser Committee – Laurel Kubin explained the 4-H programs budget cuts.  She is asking for a committee to help  raise funds to supplement the programs.  Larry Dunn, Francis LaBarbera, Scott Golden, and Greg Melick volunteered to serve.  Laurel will set up a meeting and contact committee members.

§     Jim Wooldridge Family – Francis asked if anyone had any suggestions as to something that can be done in Jim’s name to be directed to him.

§     Colorado Association of Fairs and Shows Convention will be November 4 & 5 in Pueblo, CO. 

Old Business: 

§    Vote on 2011 Fair Board meeting schedule

Loren Maxey suggested that the December meeting be moved to December 14 due to December 2, too close to holiday.

Motion to change the December meeting date from December 21st to December 14th was made by: Gary Marison

Motion seconded by: Alan Rankin

Motion to change the December meeting date from December 21st to December 14th voted on and passed.


Motion to adjourn meeting made by:  Steve Humann         Seconded by:  Alan Rankin           Voted and passed        

          Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm


Next Meeting:                                                                  February 23, 2011

                                                                Ft Collins Room ---7:00 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted by: 

FM, Secretary

MS, recorder

Background Image: Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson. All rights reserved.