Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson

Larimer County Extension Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

September 4, 2013




Members present:  Suzanne Jarboe-Simpson, Dixie Dick, LaVon Blaesi, Harry Love, Ronda Koski, Ruth Wilson, Valerie Clark, Pam Harrold, Susan Bonsall, Laurel Kubin, Alison O’Connor, and Fred McClanahan, Jr. 


Members Excused:   Irene Romsa and Jean Bosch


Chairman Suzanne Jarboe-Simpson called the meeting to order at 8:05 a.m.


Ruth Wilson moved to approve the minutes of the July 10th meeting as presented.   Seconded by Valerie

Clark.  Motion carried.


Agent Report

Alison O’Connor, Extension Agent, Horticulture gave a presentation of what’s happening in horticulture in the county, the Master Gardener program and the Larimer County Farmers’ Market.


2012 Horticulture Program

Taught 43 classes on various subjects to the public, CSU students, Colorado Master Gardener (CMG) volunteers and youth

Performed 50+ lawnchecks for Larimer County residents and HOAs

Answered 399 questions on eXtension’s “Ask an Expert” system since its inception

Colorado is one of the few states that assist online customers with answers and questions.

CSU Hort Agents Blog:  66 posts with 12,449 visits / views


2012 Master Gardener Program

110 active Colorado Master Gardeners in Larimer County

9 apprentices

Total volunteer hours: 5,671

Total continuing education: 1,699

Direct contacts: 9,030 people

Forty-nine classes were taught or hosted by CMG volunteer in the community

CMGs made direct contact with 1,067 people about vegetables, fruit, native plants, deforestation, insects, disease, xeriscaping, lawn care and pruning


CMGs Tree Team spent nearly 235 hours traveling to, diagnosing and answering client’s questions regarding their trees and shrubs.  They visited and spoke with 141 customers about their property, focusing attention on their individual concerns


Larimer County Farmers’ Market

•Volunteering at the three farmers’ markets that CMGs staff in Larimer County is now the largest outreach effort we do (ahead of Office Duty)

•We staff booths at the Estes Park FM, the Berthoud FM and our market in Fort Collins (the Larimer County Farmers’ Market)

•All told, 1,325 hours were spent at the markets

•CMGs made 2,366 contacts at Farmers’ Markets — nearly 30% of our total contacts

•Outreach efforts include market operations and organization, talking to customer about their gardening woes, plant ID and diagnostics and distributing research-based information

The 2012 Larimer County Farmers’ Market ....

•Generated $14,354 in sales tax

•Total vendors: 85

•Average customers each week: 2,500


County Fair


A big thank you to all who helped staff the Extension booth at the fair.  Many felt the timeline history of Extension was very interesting.  Hand-outs and soil test kits were a big draw, too.  Overall, County Fair was a great success.


Director Update


Laurel gave an update on the new Larimer County Extension website.  Navigation is working well and clients can find information easier.


Edie McSherry, Extension Agent for Nutrition, Health and Food Safety will be taking a six month leave of absence from mid October to mid April 2014.  Amanda Johnston will work part time to continue teaching the Food Safety Works classes.  Edie and Amanda will job share next spring.



Extension Showcase


Extension Showcase will be Monday, December 16 at The Ranch Bar & Grill in the Budweiser Events Center.  Contacts were assigned and Save the Dates will be sent.  Speakers from a variety of Extension programs will be selected.





Dixie Dick moved to adjourn the meeting.  Harry Love seconded.  Motion passed.



The next meeting will be November 6, 2013 at the Larimer County Extension Office at 8am.



Submitted by Fred McClanahan, Jr.

Background Image: Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson. All rights reserved.