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Larimer County Extension Advisory Committee Minutes

July 10, 2013 Meeting

Members present:  Harry Love, Dixie Dick, Lou Gaiter, Jean Bosch, Mel Hilgenberg, LaVon Blaesi, Suzanne Jarboe-Simpson, Pam Harrold, Valerie Clark, Susan Bonsall, Ruth Wilson, Irene Romsa, Pranaya Sathe, Laurel Kubin, Mike Adams, Karen Crumbaker

Member Excused: Ronda Koski

Chairman Suzanne Jarboe-Simpson called the meeting to order at 8:05 a.m., asking all members to introduce themselves, and issuing a welcome to new members Harry Love and Mike Adams.

Mel moved that the minutes of the May 8 meeting be approved as presented. Seconded by Valerie. Motion carried.

Agent Report

Karen Crumbaker, Extension Agent for Agriculture and Natural Resources, gave an overview of the programs she is conducting and the efforts she is facilitating. She gave an update on the CSU Extension /Pet Aid Colorado USDA National Institute of Food & Ag grant wherein she has assembled a partnership that includes Pet Aid Colorado, Larimer Humane Society, City of Fort Collins / Loveland Office of Emergency Management, Larimer County Disaster Animal Response Team, and Larimer County's Emergency Manager.

Karen provided an update on the Larimer County Building Farmers Program, and mentioned programs conducted on "Raising a Healthy Poultry Flock, Water Sensor Demonstrations, Alfalfa Management, and the Colorado Ag Big and Small Conference.

In the natural resources arena, she has conducted the Native Plant Master Program and co-authored a CSU Fact Sheet on Identification and Management of Kochia and Russian Thistle.  She has fielded 224 telephone calls, emails, office visits, and Ask-an-Expert contacts this year.  She is on the CSU Extension Drought Team, works with the North Fork Weed Cooperative, and is a liaison to the Larimer County Agriculture Advisory Committee.

Director Update

Laurel Kubin reported that Lou Swanson, Director of Colorado Extension, JoAnn Powell, Front Range Regional Director,  Kathay Rennels, Assistant Director for Economic Development and she made a presentation to the Larimer County Board of Commissioners earlier in the week, highlighting programs that are being conducted in various Colorado counties through Extension. Larimer County Extension is offering many of these programs as well. She also provided fact sheets that show the extent of Larimer County Extension's "reach" as a result of their response to community needs.  JoAnn Powell discussed three examples of extra value that CSU Extension adds to Larimer County through the connections to the university.

Funding Structure

Laurel presented a visual lesson on the cooperative arrangement of funding for Larimer County Extension. Her diagram showed the partnership between Larimer County and CSU Extension and how each of these entities, plus USDA NIFA funds, grants, and fees provide the mix to fund the local Extension Office. The presentation showed how the county dollars leverage the funds that are derived from the other sources.

"Here For You" County Fair Display

Advisory members learned about the planned Extension display to be set up at the 2013 Larimer County Fair. The theme is "Here For You" and will feature how Extension has addressed people's changing  needs and remained relevant throughout the decades over the past 100 years. Advisory members volunteered to staff the display.


The meeting adjourned at 10:17 a.m. with notice that the next meeting will be September 4, 2013.


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Laurel Kubin





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