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Larimer County Extension Advisory Committee

May 5, 2010



The meeting was held in the Extension Office meeting room in Fort Collins.  Those present were Suzanne Jarboe-Simpson, Jesse Mae Hendrickson, Trena Anastasia, Ralph Bender, Brenna Tindall, Kristina Meyers, Seth Anthony, Marsha Dooley, Dixie Dick, Pam Harrold, Valerie Clark, County Commissioner Lew Gaiter III, Extension Director Laurel Kubin, Extension Agents Kathy Wolfe and Wendy Woerner, and Fred McClanahan, Jr.


Excused:  David Lee and Sarah Erickson.


The meeting was called to order at 8:05 a.m.  Introductions were made.  Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.


Agent Reports:


Kathy Wolfe, 4-H / Youth Extension Agent


Larimer County 4-H Volunteer Motivation Survey Summary Results

N= 100, return rate 33%

 I became a 4-H Leader…

·         To have a positive impact on lives of children – 100%

·         To help young people develop life skills – 95.2%

·         To bring me closer to my family – 71.4%

·         To help solve problems – 63.6%

·         To be better connected with my community - 58%

·         To feel pride in my accomplishments – 33.3%


Value of Larimer County 4-H Volunteers in 2009 --- $ 1,125,693.40

422 enrolled leaders X  average 128 hours per volunteer per year X $20.84 - This number is adjusted for Colorado volunteers by the Independent Sector based upon employment information from the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics

Chaired search committee for STEM and K-12 4-H Specialist and served on search committee for three STEM regional specialists.  Incorporated a STEM activity into about 20 Cloverbud kits.


Leadership Roles

Colorado Association of Extension 4-H Agents – co-chair professional development conference

Chair By-Laws revision


Common Cents Counts

Grant with Estes Park Public Library.  Six youth trainers have been trained.  Fourteen educational kits developed.  Second train-the-trainer session scheduled with Eagle Rock.

Classes will begin this summer.


Upcoming Educational Opportunities for Youth

OMK/4-H Babysitting Classes

Brown Sheep Company Tour





Wendy Woerner, 4-H Agent


4-H Youth Enrollment Update

·         Enrollment up by 44 youth (1,054 youth); Largest 4-H program in CO

·         Experienced growth even with increased enrollment fee ($30 - $45)

Progress…Since 2009


Livestock Field Day

·         2nd Annual – 350+ youth; 7 counties (multi-county effort)

·         $1,000 private funding

·         Added ½ day live animal demonstrations

·         Trained 300 youth in Meat Quality Assurance; 18 workshops; CSU experts

A Terrific Trek:  The Journey of My 1st Year in 4-H

·         Distributed and utilized by 4-H club leaders and first year 4-H families

MQA Mobile Experiential Learning Laboratory

·         1,800 youth from 18 counties trained

·         Received several state and regional Extension awards

·         Received additional private funding to expand and improve

·         Impact results below


Life Skills Survey – Livestock Projects

·         Surveyed all 4-H Livestock youth members in Larimer

·         Impact of our livestock program on life skills development

·         As a result of our livestock program:

- 83% stated they know “a lot about how to make ethical decisions”

- 95% believe they know “a lot about how to properly care for animals”

- 83% stated they know “a lot about asking others for help”

- 76% of youth reported an increase in their understanding of “how to safely produce animals for food”


Impact Study – Meat Quality Assurance

      Surveyed a sampling of 700 Colorado 4-H youth (321 interactive method, 379 lecture method) 

             Results showed:

-72% and 80% reported they learned “a little more” or “a whole lot” about antibiotic use, animal

  identification, medication labels, and proper medication administration techniques

- 85% and 97% reported they intend to “always” try to engage in the behaviors associated with ethical and

  safe treatment of livestock as a result of attending the MQA workshop

- Between 73% and 83% reported that they learned “a little more” or ”a whole lot more” from attending

   the demonstration station format of the workshop compared to a range of 71%  and 76% for the

   lecture/slide presentation format


Horse Program

·         Horseless Horse Barn Days

·         Educational clinic offering





Administration Update


Three people in top positions of CSU Extension Administration were reassigned to other positions within the CSU system.  Dr. Lou Swanson is now the Director of Extension and reports directly to CSU President Dr. Tony Frank.  This should give Extension a greater voice and communication with Dr. Frank with emphasis on local programming and what citizens of each county need.   Committee members were given an updated CSU Extension Organizational Chart and a chart from the Vice President for Engagement – CSU Office of Engagement.


The division director position of Larimer County Health and Human Services has been eliminated, but Extension is still part of HHS.



Director's Report


·         The Return on Investment for Larimer County Extension is very large.  For the $434K from the county general fund, there is $852K in additional revenue from CSU and other sources plus another $1.3M in volunteer services contributed.

·         The Cluster Plan for Larimer, Weld, Adams & Boulder counties has been drafted.  There will be a joint advisory group and County Commissioner session for the cluster on October 6, 2010, 3:30pm. at The Ranch.  Advisory committees and county commissioners are invited to hear how regionalization is working among the counties.

·         A Financial Literacy position will be funded by United Way.  The person will be housed at Extension.  The  position will hopefully be filled by the end of May.

·         Larimer 101 – Citizens attended a meeting at Extension in late April.  Seth Anthony reported on program.  Education "learning by doing" stations were set up so the group could find out what Extension does.  This is a format that could be used at Farmers' Market, Showcase and County Fair.

·         The Rocky Mountain Conference on Aging had great attendance and good responses.



The meeting adjourned at 9:50 a.m.


Next meeting will be Wednesday, September 1, 2010 the Larimer County Extension Office meeting room.



                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                    Fred McClanahan, Jr.

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