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Larimer County Cooperative Extension Advisory Meeting 

February 10, 2005


      The meeting was held in the Meeting Room of the Larimer County Extension Office in Fort Collins.   Those present were board members Rob Ryan, Mary Robertson, Suzanne Jarboe-Simpson, Gene Ulm, Henrique Barreto, Robert Knebl, Ralph Bender, Dixie Dick, Alberto Squassabia, County Commissioner Karen Wagner, Extension Director Laurel Kubin, Extension Agent Edie McSherry and Fred McClanahan, Jr. 


Extension Showcase


            Members discussed the successes of the Extension Showcase held at The Ranch on December 2, 2004.  Comments included:


•                     Great location & venue

•                     Lots of enthusiasm

•                     Community recognized support

•                     The event has evolved over the years

•                     Mixed seating was great

•                     Elected officials were glad to be there

•                     Presented a better understanding of Extension

•                     Guests stayed longer, even though some said in advance they said they had to leave early


      Advisory members talked about getting feedback from next years event with phone calls to guests, comment cards on tables, etc.  It was also suggested that the showcase be video taped for those unable to attend or to use in Extension marketing.


Marketing Sub-Committee


            The sub-committee following up on the November 4, 2004 facilitated session that focused solely on brainstorming ways to position Extension, recommended the following marketing strategies:


•           Use marketing tag line on all news releases

•           Use of logos

•           Use of Extension commercial at the beginning of presentations


      Inform public and key audiences at low cost by:


•                     Educating our volunteers more about the breadth of COOPERATIVE EXTENSION

•                     More exposure in the 4-H Clover Connections newsletter and the Larimer County employee newsletter

•                     Cable channel 27 community bulletin board

•                     E-Comments newsletter for CSU employees

•                     Thumbs-Up column in Coloradoan

•                     Display about Cooperative Extension at Farmers’ Market

•                     KRFC talk show with Deni LaRue




Director’s Report


      Laurel Kubin, Director of the Larimer County Cooperative Extension Office reported on the following:


•                     Cooperative Extension helped sponsor the volunteer guide that appear in an earlier issue of the Coloradoan 

•                     4-H Carnival and Craft show will be at The Ranch on April 2.  Dixie Dick suggested that board members come out that day and volunteer to help.

•                     Cooperative Extension hosted a Leadership Fort Collins event at the Extension Office on January 13, 2005.  Many presentations were given about health issues.

•                     Cooperative Extension will be included in segments of a monthly senior program on cable channel 27

•                     Revenue obligations to CSU

•                     Rocky Mountain Ag Expo at The Ranch, December 8-10, 2005

•                     Donna Goodwin was hired to fill the administrative assistant position.  She starts March 1

•                     Family & Consumer Sciences position will remain open dependent on JBC funding

•                     Discussion at County / Area Directors meeting about restructuring Extension to capitalize on sharing cross county expertise .

•                     First semi-annual payment to CSU has been met.  Should be able to meet next requirements

•                     Helmet rule for horse project has been implemented.

•                     Ernie Marx is working with Tamarisk control education

•                     Reported on Colorado Trust and RxHealth


Commissioner Wagner


      Newly elected Commissioner Karen Wagner was in attendance.  She reported that there was progress being made on the county livestock regulations but nothing was final.  She has also met with Jay Hardy, Director of The Ranch about funding proposals to get the 4-H Building completed.


Election of Officers


      Election were held for chair and vice chair.  Dixie Dick nominated Rob Ryan for chair, motion was seconded by Mary Robertson and Suzanne Jarbo-Simpson simultaneously.  Ralph Bender made the motion to close nomination; Rob was approved by a unanimous vote. 

      Robert Knebl nominated Mary Robertson for vice-chair, Alberto Squassabia seconded the nomination, after a brief discussion of her time commitments, Mary declined the nomination.  Suzanne nominated Robert, Mary seconded, nominations closed; Robert was approved by a unanimous vote.


Notice of Future Meetings


      Suzanne made a motion and Ralph seconded that notices about advisory meetings be formally posted at the Larimer County Courthouse and Extension Office and that members be sent notices via e-mail rather than regular USPS mail.  A reminder notice will also be sent email 24 hours prior to meeting.






Agent Presentation


      Edie McSherry, Extension Agent gave a report on her program areas.




•                     Promotes healthy eating and physical activity to prevent obesity.

•                     Less than 60% of the population get less than 30 minutes of physical exercise per week

•                     Type II diabetes is on the rise

•                     From 1993 to 2003 the percentage of overweight Americans rose from 16% to 34%

•                     Individuals in the RxHealth Program get a pedometer and are encouraged to increase their physical activity over a 15 week period.

•                     Nutrition Education available includes Eat Well for Less and Dining for Diabetes

•                     600 enrolled with a 21% increase in walking (steps)

•                     Met with 196 Healthcare providers who have referred patients needing information

•                     April 2 - RxHealth Dog Walk Challenge



      Food Safety Works


•                     Training for food service workers in Larimer County

•                     Collaborated with Larimer County Health Department

•                     Train food service workers in proper food handling to lower risk of food borne illnesses

•                     Classes focus on preventing cross contamination, cooking foods to proper temperatures, holding foods at proper temperatures, calibrating food thermometers and properly cooling and storing foods.


      After Edie’s presentations, Dixie Dick suggested that the commercial for Cooperative Extension be included on the Food Safety Works brochure and all other Cooperative Extension brochures.


Trends & Issues


      Henrique- Not a lot of positions are opening in the local job market.  He wondered about possibly starting an entrepreneur program with starting small businesses as the focus. Discussion was held that other resources exist for this in the community.


Next Meeting


      The next meeting will be held at 8:00 a.m. on May 19 (3rd Thursday) at the Larimer County Extension Office. 


      Dixie Dick made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  It was seconded by Robert Knebl.  With a unanimous vote the meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.



                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,


                                                                                    Fred McClanahan, Jr.

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