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The Larimer County Board of Health (BOH) convened its regular meeting at 7:00 PM at the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment (LCDHE), 1525 Blue Spruce Drive, Fort Collins, CO


           Members Present:                   C.J. McKinney, Ph.D.

                                                Steve Yurash

N. Mark Richards, M.D., M.P.H.

Lee Thielen, M.P.A.

Jennifer Lee


Executive Secretary:               Adrienne LeBailly, M.D., M.P.H.


Staff:                                         Marie Macpherson, Avie Strand, Gerald Blehm, Paula Lady



1.   The Board of Health meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM. 


2.   Approval of minutes - Minutes of the November 8, 2012 meeting minutes were amended to correct minor typos.  The minutes were then unanimously approved.  Dr. Richards requested that the minutes be sent to the BOH sooner after a Board of Health meeting. Dr. LeBailly and staff will try to get the minutes out sooner whenever possible.


3.   Board of Health additions to the agenda – Steve Yurash and C.J. McKinney


Mr. Yurash reported that he attended the County’s public hearing on the proposed 2013 budget on November 19 and inquired about issues with the County’s ADP system.  He said the response was that ADP problems are being worked on. Dr. LeBailly said that after the budget  hearing, the Director of Human Resources (HR) asked to meet one-on-one with all departments concerning their issues with ADP.  Ms. Macpherson, payroll staff, and Dr. LeBailly met with the HR Director one week ago and were advised that the payroll representatives will get some relief, as certain tasks will once again become HR rather than department functions. The Health and Human Services Directors have some funds for joint projects, and at their last Directors’ meeting, they decided to commit $60,000 to try to correct some ADP issues that mostly affect the HHS departments.  This money will be spent in 2013.   


Mr. Yurash also said that mental health issues were brought up at the County’s public budget meeting and the money that was being cut from Mental Health’s budget.  He asked whether there were any mental health programs in which the Health Department is involved.  Dr. LeBailly reported that we make referrals to the Larimer Center Mental Health, now called Touchstone Health Partners, and to other area agencies.  Commissioner Johnson indicated that he didn’t believe that in the first year of county budget cuts that there would be significant cuts to jail mental health services, but in years two and three there could be. 


Mr. McKinney discussed with the Board the letter he was asked to draft regarding Amendment 64 (limited legal use of marijuana) which the BOH would like to send to community partners.  The letter refers specifically to the sharing of any available data on current use of marijuana among adolescents and significant health and safety effects that Amendment 64 may have on our community.  Mr. McKinney presented the draft letter to the BOH for their input.   He will make necessary additions and corrections to the letter.  It was suggested that we collect our baseline data within the next year; we would like to get a stakeholder response within the next three months.  Mr. McKinney will email the BOH members a final draft letter for their approval and then ask for a response from the stakeholder groups by January 31st.  Dr. LeBailly will have an email address created for the responses.  Mr. McKinney will attach a list of partners/stakeholders to which the letter will be sent.  Additions can be made to this list.


4.   Goals Report for 2012 to the Board and draft goals for 2013 – Dr. LeBailly and the Division Directors reported on the progress of their goals during 2012, going over the individual goals of each division.  The goals report was presented at the meeting, has been sent electronically, and will be attached along with these minutes.


5.   Board of County Commissioners decisions on employee salaries for 2012, and review of Public Health Directors’ salaries in Colorado – Ms. Macpherson reviewed the Board of Commissioners decisions on 2013 compensation for county employees. There will be a +1% market adjustment for all employee salaries effective January 1st.  In addition, employees who receive a standard or above rating at their annual evaluation will receive up to a 2% merit increase (not to exceed a position’s maximum range) on their performance review date, bringing the total raise to a maximum 3% increase. Dr. LeBailly, as appointing authority for this department, is able to set compensation decisions for her appointed officials that work for her (Ms. Strand, Mr. Blehm and Ms. Macpherson).  Dr. LeBailly reported that her intent is for these three appointed officials to be eligible for the same increase as other county employees.  Ms. Macpherson also shared a handout showing comparable Colorado counties’ physician public health director salaries so that the BOH could make a decision regarding an increase in Dr. LeBailly’s salary.


6.   Director’s Report – Dr. LeBailly gave an update on Communicable Disease.  We continue to be involved in a pertussis outbreak. There have been 73 cases confirmed in Larimer County.  We have had the only pertussis-related death in Colorado this year,  occurring in an elderly nursing home resident.  There have been no secondary cases in the facility as result of this case. 


During the Policy Governance report last month, Mr. Yurash asked what we did with these reports to make them available to the public, and Dr. LeBailly said she would check on what is done with the County Manager reports.  Dr. LeBailly investigated and found Frank Lancaster’s 2011 report on the web and shared it with the board. She will work on posting the past several years of reports on the web.


Dr. LeBailly distributed the 2012 state health rankings from United Healthcare Foundation.  Colorado moved from 14th to 9th healthiest state in the country in 2012 compared to 2011.


Ms. Macpherson shared with the BOH a video showing some of the Department’s celebration of Dr. LeBailly’s 25th anniversary with the agency.   



7.   Motion to go into executive session for Performance review of Public Health Director – At 9:00 PM, Mr. McKinney called for a motion to move into Executive session in compliance with C.R.S. 24-6-402 (4) (f) (I).  The motion was seconded and approved.   


8.   Public Health Director Annual Evaluation – Held in Executive Session

9.   Return from executive session and report of any formal actions – The Board reconvened from executive session a 9:25 PM.  No actions were taken during the executive session.


10.   Board Action on Public Health Director’s Salary for 2013 – Lee Thielen made a motion to approve a 3% increase in the Public Health Director’s salary for 2013, commensurate with the increase available to other regular county employees (1% market increase, 2% merit increase).  Dr. Richards seconded the motion.


ACTION: The Board of Health unanimously approved a 3% increase for the Public Health Director for 2013.


11.   Confirmation of next meeting date – J anuary10, 2013


12.   Adjourn – The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 PM.





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Paula Lady, Recording Secretary                      Adrienne LeBailly, MD, MPH, Executive Secretary


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