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The Larimer County Board of Health (BOH) convened its regular meeting at 7:00 PM at the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment (LCDHE), 1525 Blue Spruce Drive, Fort Collins, CO


Members Present:                  C.J. McKinney, Ph.D.

                                                Steve Yurash

N. Mark Richards, M.D., M.P.H.

Lee Thielen, M.P.A.

Jennifer Lee


Executive Secretary:               Adrienne LeBailly, M.D., M.P.H.


Staff:                                         Marie Macpherson, Avie Strand, Gerald Blehm, Paula Lady


Public:                                       NCAP Prevention Coordinator, Lauren Schulman, and

                                                  Regional Director, Lori Daigle


1.   The Board of Health meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.


2.   Minutes of the January 10, 2013 meeting were unanimously approved.


3.   Follow-up on implementation of NCAP’s Syringe Exchange Program – Lori Daigle, NCAP’s regional director, and Lauren Schulman, prevention services director, introduced themselves to the Board of Health, as they have taken over the roles previously filled by Jeff Basinger and Chris Grano. Ms. Schulman reported that since the SEP started on October 1st and through December 31st, 2012, 100 unduplicated individuals have been enrolled. NCAP has collected more used syringes than they have given out, coming from their enrolled users and others in the community. She reported that they continue to distribute bleach kits to their clients to help them clean their other equipment. Tests for Hep B, C, and HIV, and referrals to drug treatment, mental health, and other sources for their basic needs are also offered during the exchanges, and help get people connected to community resources. Up to twenty syringes at a time may be given out per client per visit, but that number is occasionally increased to 40 after careful assessment of their interest in bringing other users into the SEP. Incentive gift cards of five dollars are given when clients return their used syringes. Ms. Schulman reported that she has not received any complaints from law enforcement, businesses, or the neighborhood community since the SEP began serving clients. Board members asked additional questions and requested information about demographic information and the follow-up rate of clients referred for treatment, testing, and mental health referrals. They indicated a preference for limiting the occasions a client may pick up syringes other than for their own use. Ms. Schulman indicated that there will be more information available in the second quarter report, and she will begin to break out the clients by zip code to show where they live, though most are from the Fort Collins area. Most clients say they either are working in the community, or report not working and being homeless.

4.   Review of Public Health Hero nominations for Jabaily Award for 2013 – the BOH reviewed the nominations for the Public Health Hero Award. After discussion of the nominees, a motion was made to nominate Austin G. Bailey, MD, residency program director of the Family Medicine Center in Fort Collins, for the Public Health Hero Award for 2013. This motion was unanimously approved. Dr. LeBailly stated that the Department’s Public Health Information Officer would like to announce the nominee during Public Health Week in April. Dr. LeBailly will check with Dr. Bailey to see if he is available for the April or May BOH meeting for the presentation of the award.


5.   Update on Community Health Assessment and Public Health Improvement Plan and follow-up - Dr. LeBailly distributed a handout with the results of both the online Community Survey (for the general public) and the Community Leaders meetings, along with the Leadership Team’s final determination of two priorities for the Action Plan: Raising Healthy Children, and Mental and Emotional Well-being. There will be approximately a two-month timeframe for the task forces for each priority area to develop a draft action plan covering the next 3-5 years. Dr. LeBailly will keep the BOH informed of the task force efforts; please let her know if any BOH members are interested in being on either task force.


6.   Follow-up of responses to Amendment 64 letter seeking data on youth marijuana usage. Dr. LeBailly reported there were only six responses to the letter that was sent from the BOH regarding Amendment 64. CSU seems to have the longest trend data, going back for more than a decade, although last year’s survey was the only one based on a random sample of students.

Team Fort Collins has been working on drug prevention with Fort Collins youth for over 23 years. Team Fort Collins previously had published community reports on alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use based on data from Poudre School District’s responses to the Colorado Youth Survey. Poudre schools have not participate in that survey since 2003. There is now a statewide survey done every two years, the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey, but no school districts in Larimer County have participated in it in recent years. Dr. LeBailly is hopeful that there may be a chance of Poudre School District participating in the fall of 2013, and possible others. There may be incentives to efforts to encourage school districts to participate in this survey if they have not done so recently.

If all school districts in Larimer County would participate in this survey every other year, it would provide very useful information to the schools to target and track their health and wellness efforts, and would be of great value to community groups such as CANDO and Team Fort Collins, as well as to our Community Health Improvement Plan priority areas.  The survey covers numerous health behaviors, mental health, sexuality, drug and alcohol use, physical activity, and nutrition of our youth. The Commissioners have asked Dr. LeBailly to report on the local marijuana usage data the BOH received and some marijuana policy issues at a meeting on March 28th . All three school superintendents from Larimer County school districts have been invited to attend this meeting as well. Dr. LeBailly inquired if anyone on the BOH would like to participate in the meeting and several board members expressed interest. Dr. LeBailly also mentioned a new website [] which takes a public health approach to analyzing Amendment 64 and task force recommendations.


7.   Discussion of Board of Health self-evaluation - discussion of this topic will be moved to the April 2013 BOH meeting.


8.   Director’s Report
§ 2013 Goals - A motion was made to accept the 2013 Board of Health and Department goals discussed at the Jan 2013 meeting. The motion was unanimously accepted by the BOH.
§ Dr. LeBailly reported that in Larimer County we have had 50% more hospitalizations due to influenza than we had in the 2009 pandemic year. The big difference is the age of those with influenza. The median age is 75 this year, compared to 14 in
§ A couple of communicable disease health alerts have gone out to the medical community. One alert, related to CRE [Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae], went to the hospitals and infectious disease practitioners but not to general practitioners. Another alert reported on the novel coronavirus seen primarily in patients who live or travelled to the Middle East. Coronaviruses can cause illnesses of varying severity, from the common cold to SARS.
§ Dr. LeBailly also informed the BOH of a new FDA warning about the antibiotic azithromycin. It can rarely cause a cardiac arrhythmia which can be fatal. This is an antibiotic that is used both for pertussis and for sexually transmitted diseases. This problem with arrhythmias, though rare, can be caused by a fairly large number of antibiotics and other drugs.
§ The Larimer County Commissioners are currently working on the Vision Statement for the County, which may lead to a county strategic plan and department work plans. Dr. LeBailly got to see some preliminary data from the 2013 community survey the Commissioners are using to help assess citizen priorities. The results will be formally presented to the board sometime in early April.


9.   Confirmation of next meeting date – April 11, 2013


10.   Adjourn – The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 PM.





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Paula Lady, Recording Secretary                  Adrienne LeBailly, MD, MPH, Executive Secretary


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