Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson


September 14, 2006


Held at 1501 Blue Spruce Drive

Fort Collins, Colorado  80524


Members Present:

Nancy Arthur

Roger Bailey

Rene DeMattei


Gerry Hinks

Elnora McCloughan

Janet Montera


Ellen Pihlstrom

Mary Shultz

Earl Stevens


Lloyd Spawn

Stan Ulrich






Members Absent

Paul Bell

Steve Budner

Marcy Greenslit


Barbara Nuss

Karen Reinhardt

Barbara Tuttle


Don Venneberg

Sharon Zamora






Staff Present:

Ruth Coberly

Tina Hugo

Margaret Long


Lynette McGowan

Linda Rumney

Laura Sutherlin


Karen Wagner







Guests Present:

Alicia Beard

Mark Shelton



Earl Stevens called the meeting to order.


Earl Stevens welcomed Mark Shelton from the Commission on Aging and Alicia Beard from the Loveland Daily Reporter Herald.


There was no open discussion or community input.


Stand as presented.

CONSIDERATION OF MINUTES OF August 10, 2006                        

Grammatical changes to page 5, under Transportation, change “asked” to “ask”.  Under Announcements, add “s” to Stevens. 


Earl Stevens distributed a copy of the obituary for Hal Wilson.  Earl also passed around a copy of Margaret’s presentation at Hal’s funeral and noted, for those unable to attend, that the presentation was very well done.  Earl also distributed and read a letter from Hal’s wife. 


Margaret Long reported that the Office on Aging has had a very busy August and September.  She noted that in preparation for the Bridging the Gap Networking event, the office engaged in a major upgrade of the Senior Yellow Pages. The new booklet will now be referred to as the Answers on Aging Resource Guide. 


Margaret distributed a reminder about the Boards and Commissions reception to be held on October 23rd from 4:30 to 6:30. 


Margaret distributed a recommendation to amend current contracts with agencies in order to disperse the additional state funding that is currently available.  Margaret noted that the changes to the contracts are a response to the United Way cuts to a number of our provider agencies. Margaret stated that although we are not able to plug the holes completely, we can offset some of the hits. 


The Office on Aging will increase RVNA’s contract by $6,500 and will look at the possibility of using Part D money.  RVNA already negotiated an increase to their current unit cost.  This increase has already been amended in their contract.  Margaret described that the increase in funding for SAINT would be used for promotion, such as recruiting more volunteers.   Considering the current problems with transportation, the increase in funding for SAINT will total $16,500.  Elderhaus noted that in order to keep the Application Assistance program, they will need an additional $14,000.  Loveland Meals on Wheels contract will be increased by $22,000.


Although VOA was not caught in the United Way funding cuts they only receive a small amount of funding from United Way.   The Office on Aging is increasing their contract by $14,000 because of the increased demand for congregate meals.  People seem to like the new caterer, therefore more people are coming to congregate meals.  Some of this money will be used to buy emergency frozen meals.  There is a new frozen meal on the market.   When the meal is taken out of the box, it heats up automatically without electricity.    Stan Ulrich moved to accept the amended budget, Mary Shultz seconded motion.  Motion to accept amended budget was reached unanimously. 


Margaret Long distributed a memo outlining the possible outcome of the Dial-A-Ride cuts.  Margaret also shared a letter from the county commissioners to the City of Fort Collins on the Dial-A-Ride cuts.  One of the proposed options for Dial-a-Ride would be to cut back to the bare minimum ADA standards.   This would mean that Dial-A-Ride would provide services within a range of a ľ mile on either side of a fixed route.  This would result in about 50% of the rider ship being cut.  Margaret stated that this is a huge issue for seniors living in Fort Collins. 


Therefore, the county commissioners have given the green light to the Advisory Council to advocate for seniors on this issue.  Margaret noted that it is difficult for the county commissioners to tell another level of government how or what to do with their budget.  Margaret proposed to lend the voices of the Advisory Council to this cause.  Dr. Roger Bailey thanked all three of the county commissioners for supporting the council’s advocacy on this issue.  Lloyd Spawn motioned to have the Larimer County Office on Aging Advisory Council take a strong position to maintain current Dial-A-Ride services. Dr. Roger Bailey seconded the motion, motion was carried unanimously.  Dr. Roger Bailey recommended a motion to authorize the transportation committee to take the lead in advocating that the City of Fort Collins maintain current Dial-A-Ride services.  Janet Montera seconded the motion, and the motion carried unanimously.


Karen Wagner noted that it is important to include the letter from the county commissioners stating the need for collaboration.


Mary Shultz reported that during the committee’s on-site visits, she noted that there seems to be a trend of cutting senior programs such as, RVNA, SAINT, Elderhaus, and Loveland Meals-on-Wheels.  Margaret Long reported that her counterpart in Weld is seeing the same concerns with the United Way cuts in Weld County as well.  Although it is too early to take a formal position, Margaret suggested that the council ask the Executive committee to contact United Way and have a discussion about the future of United Way’s funding.  Dr. Roger Bailey made a motion to ask the Executive Committee to take a lead on meeting with United Way to evaluate their funding decisions and how this affects the elderly currently, and in the future.  Stan Ulrich seconded the motion.  Motion was carried unanimously.


Fort Collins Senior Advisory Board Report

Stan Ulrich reported that there were requests to re-establish the Wednesday congregate meal at the senior center.  


Loveland Senior Advisory Board

Earl Stevens reported that the board had a presentation by Dixie Schmatz on the three transportation Charettes.


Foundation on Aging

Mary Shultz reported on the foundation’s pilot project.  The pilot project involves setting up a fund for four different groups.  Each group will have access to funding to assist the people each group serves.  Mary commented that the foundation will continue to have emergency funding available.


Larimer County Commissioner

Karen Wagner encouraged people to attend the three transportation Charettes.  The meetings will be held from 8:45 AM – Noon on Saturday, September 23rd at the Fort Collins Harmony Library, Saturday, September 30th at the Loveland Senior Center and on Saturday, October 7th at the Greeley Recreation Center, 651 10th St.  For more information, contact Dixie Schmatz at 669-0710. 


Human Relations Commission

There was no report given.


Commission on Aging

Mark Shelton distributed copies of the major Political Debate between Colorado Governor Candidates, Bill Ritter and Bob Beauprez.  The event is scheduled for Monday, September 18th in Denver.   The debate is co-sponsored by many groups across the state that advocate for seniors.   Mark is hopeful that this meeting will be filmed.  Mark stated that the questions will be predetermined and to remain fair, both candidates will be given the opportunity to answer all questions.   


Dr. Roger Bailey gave a brief autobiography.


Education Committee

Mary Shultz reported that the committee worked on the Legislative Breakfast.  The committee is reviewing what was done last year for Older Americans Month. 


Executive Committee

Earl Stevens announced that all committee chairs must attend the Executive Committee on the 3rd Friday of every month at 9:15 a.m. at the Fort Collins Senior Center.  Earl gave kudos’ to the Education Committee and the Office on Aging for an extremely successful Legislative Breakfast.  Earl noted that he was disappointed that more press did not attend.  Earl announced that the next Advisory Council meeting will be on October 12th and will be held at Oakbrook II located at 3300 Stanford Road.


Health Committee

Nancy Arthur reported that the committee completed site visits to Elderhaus and RVNA.  Nancy stated that the committee is continuing to look at dental needs.

Membership Committee

No report given. 


Nutrition Committee

Dr. Roger Bailey reported that the committee completed their site visits. 

Housing Committee

No report given. 


Transportation Committee

Elnora McCloughan announced that she has retired from BATS as of September 1st.  Elnora reported that the committee completed their site visits to SAINT, Special Transit and Wellington Senior Center.  Elnora highly recommended council members attend the North Front Range sponsored Charettes.  Tina Hugo will email meeting information to the council members. 


Staff Reports

Linda Rumney reported that there is still a need for a table host at the Bridging the Gap Networking Luncheon on September 29th.  Linda explained that if a member is working during the lunch, the Office on Aging will pay the full fee.  Otherwise, the Office on Aging will pay one-half of the cost for members to attend. 


Linda reported that she is now working full time.


Laura Sutherlin announced that there are new Answers on Aging Resource Guides (formally Senior Yellow Pages) available for distribution on the back table. 



Earl Stevens announced that the October meeting will be held at Oakbrook II.


Mary Shultz announced that Bill Benton would like to be remembered to the committee members.


Earl Stevens thanked Christie O’Hanlon and the McKee Seasons Club for the great setup for our meeting.


Stan Ulrich announced that the Fort Collins AARP Chapter is holding their Fall Conference on October 19th from 8:00 to 1:30 at the Fort Collins Senior Center.



Earl Stevens adjourned the meeting.

Background Image: Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson. All rights reserved.