Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson


May 12, 2005

1:30-3:30 PM

Held at 1501 Blue Spruce Drive

Room 135B

Fort Collins, Colorado  80524


Members Present:

Bill Benton

Carolyn Funk

Gerry Hinks


Reggie Kemp

Elnora McCloughan

Barbara Nuss


Mary Shultz

Lloyd Spawn

Earl Stevens


Hal Wilson







Members Absent

Paul Bell

Steve Budner

Olivia Larry


Ray Martinez

Thomas Nix

Carol Rehme


Karen Reinhardt

Ken Tharp

Stan Ulrich





Staff Present:

Tina Barker

Tina Hugo

Margaret Long


Katy Mason

Lynette McGowan

Diane Pelletier


Glen Rathgeber

Karen Wagner






Guests Present:

Nancy Arthur

C. Dean Miller



Mary Shultz called the meeting to order.


Mary Shultz acknowledged Nancy Arthur, Service Coordinator for Oakbrook II.  


There was no open discussion or community input.


Mary Shultz suggested a change to Page 4, second paragraph under the Senior Attainable Housing section.  She did not distribute the article from the Trail Gazette.  The paragraph should be changed to read, “Stan and Hal discussed the article...”  Bill Benton moved to accept the April minutes with one correction.  Hal Wilson seconded the motion.


Mary Shultz reported that she and a number of other advisory council members attended the Medicare Part D training. 


Mary stated that she attended a dental meeting, along with Karen Reinhardt and Carolyn Funk.


Mary reported that the Job Fair was attended by approximately 430 people. 


Mary read a notice in the paper for a new proposed long term care facility for people with memory loss to be located close to the Fossil Creek nursery. 


Mary noted that she attend a very interesting program put on by the League of Women Voters on the Patriot Act.  There are more programs at different times throughout the month. 


Fort Collins Senior Advisory Board Report

C. Dean Miller announced that the SOAP performances last week were well done.  There were 600 to 700 people that came to the three performances.  The senior center appreciates their fundraising efforts.


Loveland Senior Advisory Board

Earl Stevens reported on the White House Conference Forum he attended.  Earl was selected from the Loveland Senior Advisory Board to be the delegate to attend the Colorado White House Conference on Aging. 


Foundation on Aging

Mary Shultz reported that the Foundation met May 11th and decided use the June meeting to plan.


2005 Final Grant Application

Margaret Long reported on the details of the 2005 final grant application.  She stated that the Office on Aging ended up with more money than was projected last Fall.  The additional money came from both unanticipated carryover and some reallocation of federal monies between Area Agencies.  The Office on Aging will add the money to the Family Caregiver respite program. 


Margaret is not sure what the Office on Aging will do with the Part D money.  There is $9,000 set aside for a Dental program which is not in place yet.  It was decided to put the money in To Be Determine which will require a request to the state in order to spend. 


Earl Stevens moved to accept the plan.  Hal Wilson seconded the motion.  It was requested by the council to have Stacie Hougard, Accountant for the Office on Aging, come to the next meeting and explain how the grant application amounts correlate. 


Health One Alliance Survey

Margaret Long distributed survey information from Health One Alliance in regards to community needs.  This survey can be completed online.  May 20th is the deadline.


Delegates for the State Conference on June 23rd

Lynette McGowan discussed that the Office on Aging has been designated to send 12 delegates to the Colorado White House Conference on Aging on June 23rd.  Lynette reported that each of the five focus group discussions would select a delegate(s).  There are several slots available for the Office on Aging Advisory Council members.  The remainder will be used by service providers.  Lynette reported that the outcomes from the five groups will be presented in a table along with a summary analysis.  Berthoud has volunteered to provide transportation and will pick up the delegates from the Fort Collins Senior Center, Loveland Senior Center and the Berthoud Senior Center.


Education Committee

Mary Shultz reported on behalf of Steve Budner.  Mary stated that the committee discussed distribution of Senior Yellow Pages to Banks, Health Clubs and other places that have not been involved before. 


The committee decided on September 9th for the Legislative Breakfast from 7:00 a.m. through 8:30 a.m.  There will be a presentation on the TABOR amendment, testimonials with a Q & A period.  


Executive Committee

See Chair Report. 


Health Committee

Carolyn Funk reported that there was no meeting in April.  The next meeting will take place in May to discuss the Dental Program and Medicare Part D. 


Mary Shultz reminded the council that the Health Committee is distributing Senior Yellow Pages.  Lynette McGowan reported that there are now 5,000 Senior Yellow Pages available for distribution.


Membership Committee

Margaret Long reported that there has been good publicity regarding openings on the Council.  Margaret stated that during the last couple of years the Chairperson or head of the Membership Committee, Margaret and the Commissioner Liaison have conducted the interviews.  Margaret will start screening applications during the week of May 23rd.  Margaret stated that the Membership committee needs to know who on the council is not interested in reapplying for another term. 


Nutrition Committee

Hal Wilson reported that the committee has not met.  Hal made a visit to the new Loveland Meals on Wheels kitchen.  He believes it is a good set up for them.  Hal made a suggestion for them to re-strip their parking lot because it has old lines. 


Senior Attainable Housing Committee

Hal Wilson reported that the committee is in the process of trying to identify where seniors live in the county and if senior complexes have availability in order to create a reference sheet for the Office on Aging.


Transportation Committee

Elnora McCloughan discussed the meeting that was held with John Daggett from North Front Range MPO.  This meeting included a good overview of what is going on countywide.  Elnora reported that there were discussions regarding networking with other groups such as faith based organizations which could meet the needs of many.  Karen Wagner said that there has been discussion regarding the school district’s interested in working with the City in particular with children but can be used in the middle of the afternoon when children are at school.  Karen Wagner suggested writing Ken Salazar to tell him what transportation needs are. 


Staff Reports

Katy Mason reported on Medicare Part D – Prescription Plan.  Katy stated that there were approximately 100 people at the recently held training.  Katy distributed a fact sheet from the Kaiser Family Foundation which gives a good overview.  Katy stated that this is a long term project which will include a lot of educating.  Katy described the first phase, the Subsidy program, which the Office on Aging will focus on.


Katy discussed a Social Work Transportation Roundtable discussion happening on May 25th.  Katy requested volunteers from the transportation committee to attend.    


Tina Barker reported that the intern, Linda Rumney, has finished her program, and will continue as an Ombudsman volunteer.  Tina stated that the Ombudsmen will be attending an Annual State Conference on June 2-3 in Colorado Springs.  There have been a lot of surveys of long term care facilities lately with only eight deficiencies noted.  Tina announced that by the end of the summer there will be a new Assisted Living residence in Loveland. 


Lynette McGowan thanked Lloyd Spawn and Hal Wilson for helping to facilitate the Estes Park focus group.  Lynette noted that there has been good participation and publicity due to reporters attending the Estes Park, Loveland and Berthoud groups. 


Lynette reported that the Caregiver Support Program is going well with appropriate requests and referrals.  She is now doing person-to-person assessments/consultations with all caregivers.  In May, Lynette attended a “Training the Trainer” workshop on Eldercare and Work which can be offered for working caregivers to help find the balance.  The office may consider offering the first to Larimer County employees. 



Lynette McGowen announced that there are now Senior Yellow Pages available.  Mary Shultz volunteered to take some Senior Yellow Pages to the Hospital and to the Salud Clinic. 



Mary adjourned the meeting.


Background Image: Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson. All rights reserved.