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MEETING MINUTES December 19, 2006



The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm at the West Fort Collins Water District, LaPorte.


Members Present: Tim O'Hara, Susanne Cordery-Cotter, Nancy Grice, Mandy Kotzman, Paul Resseguie, Cordelia Stone, Will Wade


Staff Present: Rob Helmick and Karin Madson - Planning Dept.

Guests Present: Jim Quinlan, Jeff Hosea, Cherry Sokoloski, M. Goldstein, Nate Polutech, R. Suazo, John Turk.


The meeting agenda was adopted

The meeting minutes from September 19, 2006 were adopted.


Communication Items:


  1. Project updates - No news.
  2. Karen's Communication Items: - none.


Personal Appearances:



Agenda Items:


1. Jax Thunderdome Special Review

Rob Helmick gave a summary presentation of the Jax Thunderdome proposal. See packet provided to LAPAC members. Salient items include: anticipated 30 trips per day, other buildings on site may be a future plan amendment, the current "O" open zoning allows a shooting range; per the County a paintball facility is a shooting range.


The use (paintball shooting range) is consistent with the zoning but inconsistent with the LaPorte Area Plan, however the previous use (cement plant) was also inconsistent with the LaPorte Area Plan. This Special Review, if approved, stays with the site for the future. Discussion ensued:


Question regarding "horse stables" in earlier materials - horse stables are no longer part of this proposal. Buildings indicated on application will be used. Other buildings at this site may have other future use - two buildings were constructed in the early 1900's, may have historic value.


Discussion regarding zoning - current zoning is Open, future zoning for "commercial" would require amending the LaPorte Area Plan.


Issue of "shooting range" definition: members asked whether approving Special Review with the term "Shooting Range" would allow future outdoor shooting range of firearms at this site. Applicant indicated that is not his intent.


Issue of noise: applicant assured all present that music from inside facility will not be heard from public roads. Applicant agreed to provide a noise "hotline" phone number posted on the gate in case of noise complaints. Hours of operations will be daylight hours, most likely 8 to 4 in the winter.


Issue of traffic: Traffic has been addressed by the applicant, no road improvements required, per planning department. Taft Hill would likely be used, likely more traffic on 56 to Taft Hill.


Issue of off-site vandalism using paintballs: Applicant indicated all paintball shooting on site will be indoors, and paint balls purchased on-site cannot be taken off-site, they are to be stored for user's next visit.


Following discussion, LAPAC members concluded the application is in general conformance with the LaPorte Area Plan because plan indicates residential or no zone change. This application represents the latter. LAPAC members approved the application, however requested the following three conditions:


1. "Shooting Range" will be clearly defined as limited to indoor paintball


2. This decision has no bearing on future uses of the property


3. There should be an additional process to respond to noise complaints


See December 19, 2006 Memorandum documenting LAPAC's findings.


2. Rural Land Use Process Presentation

Mr. Jim Reidhead, director of the Rural Land Use Center gave a presentation on the Rural Land Use Process (RLUP). The program is a development process that provides an alternative to the 35-acre splits subdivision requirement.


Benefits of the RLUP include:

Siting of houses in dispersed or clustered patterns


Preservation of land

Potential for non-contiguous development


The RLUP is often used for estate planning. It is beneficial for preserving land, creating open space, maintaining agricultural production. Usually results in fewer and more expensive houses than subdivision process. The RLUP 10-year budget is $1.5 million.


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The meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.

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