Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson

Extension Advisory Committee Meeting

March 3, 2010

Larimer County Extension Office




Present: Commissioner Lew Gaiter III, Suzanne Jarboe-Simpson, Seth Anthony, David Lee, Pam Harrold, Ralph Bender, Dixie Dick, Kristina Meyer, Sarah Erickson, Marsha Dooley, Valerie Clark, Trena Anastasia, Jessie Mae Hendrickson. From Extension: Laurel Kubin, Director; Jacque Miller, Family and Consumer Sciences Agent; Helen Frost, Intern.


Excused: Rob Ryan, Brenna Tindall


Chairman Suzanne Jarboe-Simpson called the meeting to order at 8:07 AM. She asked each person to introduce themselves and Commissioner Gaiter was welcomed as the new Commissioner Liaison.


The minutes were approved as presented. (Motion by Trena, second by David)


Jacque Miller and Laurel Kubin presented an update on three of the current program emphases within the Family and Consumer Sciences area.

††††††††††† Family Leadership Training Institute Jacque discussed how the institute was initiated in Larimer County with development by a civic design team. A very diverse group of participants was recruited for the 20 week leadership training. Jacque told about three of the membersí projects and the broad impact they are making. The outcome of the program is that these participants will become engaged in community leadership roles.†

††††††††††† Dollar Works 2 Train the Trainer initiative Laurel discussed the partnership created with Energy Outreach Colorado and the Colorado Family Resource Center Association and how they provided funding and encouragement for their respective agencies to participate in one of the 8 trainings conducted throughout Colorado. 136 people from 62 agencies, 3 Extension offices, and CSU-Pueblo participated in the trainings conducted in January and February, 2010. 22 people participated in the training in Loveland that Laurel and Jacque taught. Each of the agencies that received the training will be submitting evaluation data back to Extension.

††††††††††† Rocky Mountain Conference on Aging: Financial Abuse and Exploitation: Prevention Strategies and Tools is planned for April 28. Committee members suggested avenues for promotion of this conference. Suzanne said she had heard the keynote speaker before and that Dr. Mosqueda is quite compelling in her knowledge of the topic. Tools for front line workers, cultural implications, family dynamics, undue influence and the importance of financial institution intervention are topics covered at the conference. Kristina added verification to the importance of involving financial institutions based on her experiences.


Election of officers was held. Suzanne Jarboe-Simpson was re-elected chairman, and Dixie Dick was elected vice-chairman.


Commissioner Lew Gaiter III discussed the new Larimer County 101 training that is being offered. He explained that it is a program to help people learn about the many functions of the count and how the various departments and programs work. It is an eight week program for citizens presented by departments and elected officials. This is a pilot program, made available at no cost to citizens. He explained why the program was created.


Dixie Dick invited board members to participate in the Larimer County 4-H Carnival on March 20.


In the Directorís Report, Laurel presented a map of the Colorado Extension regions. She also showed three awards recently won by the Extension staff. She told about a number of Extension education efforts underway by staff members, including:

∑  Colorado Living Newsletter

∑  Radon education and the partnership with the† City of Fort Collins

∑  Colorado Agriculture: Big and Small conference

∑  Growing Your Future conference sponsored by the County Ag Advisory Committee

∑  Master Food Safety Volunteer applications being taken

∑  4-H enrollment deadline has passed and numbers seem on par with previous years. The number of beef weighed in is on par as well

∑  Fiber Fun Fest tied agriculture to fibers and fabrics

∑  4-H Livestock Field Day is expecting ~500 participants this weekend

∑  Pro-Green education for people working in the green industry

∑  Larimer County Extensionís ranking 1st in the number of Master Gardener volunteer hours, 1st in the average number of hours per volunteer, and 4th in the number of Master Gardener volunteers.

She also told about the impact of accepting credit payments for registration fees, how popular this is, and the impact it is having on the office managerís time.


Trends and Issues

∑  Jessie Mae told about the budget cut that Human Services has experienced and how that is affecting the Workforce Center. Furloughs are being experienced and cash assistance and child care assistance for clients has substantially reduced. This is affecting child care facilities as well.

∑  Ralph encouraged more publicity about the ag related workshops.


Next Meeting

The next meeting will be May 5, 8:00 a.m. at the Extension Office.


The meeting adjourned at 9:40 a.m.


Notes recorded by:

Laurel L. Kubin

Background Image: Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson. All rights reserved.