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Larimer County Cooperative Extension Advisory Meeting

September 11, 2008



The meeting was held in the Extension Office Meeting Room in Fort Collins.  Those present were:

Suzanne Jarboe-Simpson, Pam Harrold, Ralph Bender, Marsha Dooley, David Lee, Alberto Squassabia, Valerie Clark, Seth Anthony, Kyle Uhlmann, Dixie Dick, Extension Director Laurel Kubin, Extension Agents Kathy Wolfe and Wendy Woerner, Rusty Collins  and Fred McClanahan, Jr.


The meeting was called to order at 8:10 a.m.    Introductions were made.   Laurel introduced Rusty Collins, new Extension Director from Jefferson County, attending the meeting.  Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.


Agent Reports


Wendy Woerner, Extension Agent, 4-H / Youth


Fall 2008


Wendy’s three program goals at the start of her job were to a) increase educational programming, b) build valuable and thriving volunteer relationships, and c) increase youth development opportunities.


Enhancements -

Ø  11 new workshop series for general/natural resource projects, 10 new workshops/clinics for animal projects, and new showmanship and record book workshops

Ø  Re-developed Meat Quality Assurance program to included multiple hands-on learning stations where youth and parents can learn simultaneously

Ø  Animal Workshop Series - 13 stations with every 4-H animal project represented; plans to expand and advertise outside of 4-H next spring

Ø   New 4-H afterschool program in Windsor to reach an underserved, racially/ethnically diverse population

Ø  4-H Judging program - Growth both in numbers and quality of programming

Ø  Collaborate extensively with campus specialist and tapped into unrealized college student population as a resource (leaders and workshop development)

Ø  Website- Created "What's Rockin’ in 4-H?" web link, Workshops and Clinics link, and redeveloped Project link


Professional Development -

Ø  1st Annual State 4-H Livestock Quizbowl Contest - Initiated and developed

Ø  Serve on State 4-H Youth Livestock Taskforce

Ø  National Western Catch-A-Calf Committee

Ø  State 4-H Livestock Field Days (Beef, Swine, Sheep/Goat)

Ø  National 4-H/Intercollegiate Meat Judging Committees

Ø  National 4-H Taskforce member - Animal Science subcommittee

Ø  National 4-H Curriculum - Expanding 4-H Horizons: Goat Leader Guide

Ø  State 4-H Youth Livestock Website


What's next -

Ø  4-H Interest Packet

Ø  What every 1st year 4-Her needs to know!

Ø  Website will serve as a current and valuable resource for 4-H families - Updating all other links (contests, activities, What is 4-H?)

Ø  4-H Achievement Night - Free meal this year and additional new leader awards

Kathy Wolfe, Extension Agent, 4-H / Youth Outreach


Communities Empowering Youth Grant – Gang and violence prevention collaboration, 25% of Kathy’s time, Nuestro Barrio


Member Training – Officer Training, Calligraphy, Stenciling (Marsha Dooley), Cake Decorating, Beginning Quilting/Sewing, Huck Weaving  


Leader Training – Cloverbud, New Leader Orientation, Organizational Leader


Liaisons – 4-H Foundation – Endowment Fund

4-H Advisory Committee – facilitated expansion and review process

4-H Junior Leader Club – Officer training, Formal Night Out


Outreach -Facilitated Goal setting session for Parent Education Network

            Youth Engagement; Brighton Youth Commission; Loveland Youth Council

            Putnam Elementary – Detective Science and Science Fair

            Youth Development programming – Apartment Life at CSU

            Wellington Home School Co-op, Boys & Girls Club

            CORE Center – nutrition & health, YET

            Bauder Back-to-School

            PSD School Flyer program


Financial Contributions-CEY Grant

            JC Penney Grant - $10,320

            4-H Truck Raffle


Professional Development – President-Elect of Colorado Association of Extension 4-H Agents

            CAE4-HA – Professional Development Conference Planning Committee

            Extension Forum Planning Committee

            K-12 Work Team Chair-Elect

            4-H Roundtable


4-H Events & Activities - Cake Decorating Contest

            Creative Cooks Contest

            Performing Arts Contest

            Demonstration Contest

            Fashion Revue

            Cloverbud Camp

            County Fair & Project Showcase & Baby Quilts for Fort Carson soldiers


New Initiatives - Parliamentary Procedure Training

            Fiber Fun Fest

            Colors, Generations, Communications Trainings

            4-H After-school program

Rice Elementary – Aerospace program



Extension Showcase – November 12


Advisory members were asked to confirm with elected officials if they were attending by October 1 to Laurel.

Director’s Report


            Laurel reported that:

  • The Rocky Mountain Conference on Aging will be October 23.
  • The Larimer County Farmers’ Market is doing extremely well.
  • “Managing Livestock on Small Acreages” workshop will be September 13.
  • Food preservation workshops continue into early October
  • Grandparents Raising Grandchildren will have a Thursday evening program from 9/25 – 11/13/08
  • The Financial Literacy Summit will be December 8.

·  Staff is aware that revenue generation is important.  4-H member fees have been increased for the 2008 - 2009 4-H year to help pay for literature, insurance, workshop fees, etc.

·  Food Safety Works class fees may be increasing.

·  Farmers’ Market has been generating revenue.

·  Larimer County Boards and Commissions reception will be October 27.

·  The Ranch will be hosting a five-year celebration this month.

·  Pam Heeney will be awarded one of the Epsilon Sigma Phi Support Staff of the Year Awards for Extension at Extension’s Annual Forum

·  Commissioner Kathay Rennels will receive the Friend of Extension Award at Forum.



Trends & Issues


Marketing Extension – we’re seeing Extension being propelled to a higher level.


Not printing the Larimer County Fair premium book worked fine.  Postcards mailing and newsletter advertised the change.  Keeping it on-line is good.


The meeting adjourned at 10:05 a.m.



Next meeting will be Thursday, November 6 in the meeting room of the Larimer County Extension Office.



                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,



                                                                                    Fred McClanahan, Jr.

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