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Fire House Meeting Room

44 Fire House Lane, Red Feather Lakes, CO


September 11, 2008 Meeting Notes, as Amended


The meeting was called to order at 1:35 PM by Chairperson Lucille Schmidt.


Members in Attendance: Gene Allen, Susan Bradley, Gene Barker, Ted Carter, Terry Ferebee, Bill Gilbert, Lucille Schmidt, Roger Svendsen Bud Thomas, Ross Reid, and Eunice Mickalka


Members Excused Absences : All other members had excused absences


Larimer County Representation : Linda Hoffman, LARCO Rural land Use Center Director


Guests Present : Tamara Scott, Kevin Frazier, Don Tiller, Carlos Barreras, and Pat Bradley


Approval of Minutes : The minutes of August 14, 2008 were approved.


Adoption of Agenda: The agenda was approved as written


Communications from Committee Members :


Ted Carter advised that the PAC Subcommittee for Roads will met September 18, 2008. 

Roger Svendsen informed the PAC that he checked into the Boulder Township Planning Initiative and they are about where RFLPAC was four years ago.  A Boulder County Commissioner advised Roger that if Boulder encounters non-dedicated roads that pose a health and safety issue, Boulder County will have to find the funds to fix the road(s). 

Gene Allen advised that he was invited to speak to approximately 30 people concerning the RFLPAC and informed the PAC that this group’s relationship with the County is not as favorable as RFLPAC’s relationship with Larimer County.  Gene advised that RFLPAC is fortunate to have a favorable working relationship with Larimer County Planning Staff and County Commissioners. 


Eunice Mickalka informed the PAC that DiamonEx, a diamond mining corporation based in Australia, is seeking approval for exploratory mining in the Sloan Ranch area on CoRd 82E in the Rabbit Creek Area.  The company purposes to use Trench Excavation and Large Diameter Drilling and process the ore on site in a Dense Media Separation Plant.  DiamonEx is hosting a community meeting on Saturday, September 20th at 10:00 a.m.  Lucille Schmidt advised the PAC that this project is outside of RFLPAC plan area.   




Communications from Guest : None


Action Items Scheduled : The 960 Rural Land Plan


Lucille Schmitt advised the PAC that the job of the PAC is not to approve or disapprove the 960 Rural Land Plan but to determine if the Plan falls within the purview of the RFL Plan. 


Linda Hoffman, Rural land Use Center Director presented a power point presentation to the PAC that she had previously presented to Red Feather Lakes’ citizens.    The 960, LLC has requested to divide 880 +/- acres into fifty (50) new single-family residential lots (a combination of recreational and primary residences) on about 14 acres, several common area lots on about 266 acres and several private open space areas on about 600 +/- acres that will be protected from any further development for a minimum of 40 years. 


PROJECT DESCRIPTION/BACKGRTOUND:  The applicant has proposed to divide 880 +/0 acres into fifty (50) new single-family residential lots (a combination of recreational and primary residences) on about 14 acres (the lots ranging from 10,000-15,000 sq. ft. in size), several common area lots on about 266 acres and several private open space areas on about 500 +/- acres that will be protected from any further development for a minimum of 40 years.  Allowed uses for the common areas and the private open space areas will include: irrigated and drug land farming operations for hay crops and pastures for grazing; utility facilities, private roadways/driveways and water wells; firewood collection, fences and corrals, maintenance buildings and a clubhouse; recreational facilities for the homeowners including picnic pavilions, boarding stables, a riding arena and restrooms; hiking, biking and equestrian trails, hunting, shooting, fishing and camping with ponds and dams to support these amenities.  Access to the proposed amenities will be limited to the property owners within The 960 project, their guests and the existing Fox Acres County Club property owners, Club members and their guests, via reciprocal agreement.  The applicant plans on phasing the project and providing a community water system and a community sanitary sewer system. 


The property is zoned O-Open and consists primarily of forested land.  The surrounding properties consist of some privately owned land but mostly United States Forest Service properties. 


Natural Hazards and Resources: There are no identified natural hazards or significant resources on this site or on adjacent properties.


Services and Infrastructure: Access to the home sites is off of CR 162 (Deadman Rd), just west of the intersection of CR 73C and Red Feather Lakes Road.  Because some of the homes will be strictly recreational home sites, the traffic generated will be less than 500 trips per day.  The applicant will be improving Deadman Road (CR 162) to standards in the rural Area Road Standards manual and the internal roads will be paved. 


Water will be provided to the residences via a proposed portable water system.  Water for some support uses (such as the horse stables and access gate) will be provided by individual wells. 


Sewer will be provided to a determined number of homes in the first phase by individual septic systems.  These homes will be transferred to a community sanitary sewer system when it is completed at the second phase of development.  


Don Tiller, Project Planner for The 960, LLC addressed the PAC to further discuss the Project.  His presentation is summarized as follows:


  • Objectives:  (1) That the internal road system fits the natural terrain, (2) retain the natural features of the site
  • The project is allocated into three categories:  (1) Home sites/lots – less than 2% of the site, (2) Common areas which will more intense usage and consists of about 30% of the site, (3) 600 acres reserved for residual.  The project has tried to lessen its impact on neighbors by placing their residual land where they have.  The residual land is set aside for agriculture and recreation (hiking, fishing, hunting, etc.).
  • It is a gated community with 50 single family homes.  There will be no employee housing on site. 
  • Architectural controls committee will be put in place – mountain style homes similar to Fox Acres community.
  • The first home site is about ½ mile in from Deadman Road.  The home sites are planned where you will not see them from Deadman Road
  • Site access is from Deadman Road with minimum impact with low trip count.  Currently, there is only one fire access into the site and The 960, LLC is presently working with the Fire Department on appropriate standards.  The Site has the option to be annexed into the Red Feather Lakes Fire District but no decision has been made pertaining to this option as of yet.  Linda Hoffman advised that the County would prefer that the site go into the Red Feather Lakes Fire District. 
  • The internal roads to the Site are all private and the maintenance of these roads is the responsibility of The 960, LLC.
  • Site specific issues that were addressed:  (1) Significant wetlands areas in the center of the site and development will be at least 100 feet from the edge of any wetland area.  (2) Forest Management – about 60% of the site is forested.  The 960, LLC has hired the Colorado State Forest Service to develop a Forest Management Plan.  (3) Wild life management – Larimer County doesn’t show any significant wild life issues that need to be addressed.  The Department of Wild Life has advised that there is an elk migration route through the site and The 960, LLC has agreed to wild life friendly fencing and to not allow domestic animals to run at large.
  • The site plan does call for a number of small ponds and dams throughout the site.
  • A considerable amount of time has been devoted to figuring out how to provide utilities to the home sites.  The 960, LLC has retained a Water and Waste Water company to put in a community water and sanitary sewer system.  
  • Total annual water demand for site is approximately 18 acre feet for residential usage; the water consumption out of the 18 acre feet is less than 3 acre feet annually, so you have about 10% that is consumed and not returned to the stream by indoor usage and about 5% through the central treatment system. 
  • Feasibility of Red Feather Lakes connecting to The 960, LLC sewer system: RFL is approximately 200 feet lower in elevation that The 960 site and coupled with the valley in between the two sites, make this possibility not feasible at this time. 


The RFLPAC considered The 960 development application and was given three options to consider, which were:


  1. We find that the request is generally consistent with the Red Feather Lakes Area Plan
  2. We have no concerns with the application at this time.
  3. We have the following concerns relating to the application as proposed. 


Susan Bradley made a motion to recommend Numbers 1 and 2 to the Board of Larimer County Commissioners.  This motion was seconded by Eunice Mickalka.  All RFLPAC members in attendance agreed with the motion.


Meeting adjourned at 3:15 PM.




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