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Fire House Meeting Room

44 Fire House Lane, Red Feather Lakes, CO


July 8, 2010 Meeting Notes


The meeting was called to order at 1:30 PM by Chairperson Ted Carter.


Members in Attendance: Gene Barker, Barbra Bowman, Ted Carter, Terry Ferebee, Dennis Frydendall, Eunice Michalka, Ben Myers, Lucille Schmitt, Michael Sledge, Roger Svendsen


Members Excused Absences : All other members had excused absences.


Larimer County Representation : County Commissioner Lew Gaiter, III and Rob Helmick, LARCO Planning


Guests Present : Terri Donnelly, Paul Hewlett, Roger Clark, George Langel, Judy Viola, Bud Thomas, Pete Blattenbauer, Debbie Blattenbauer and Croal Kidel


Adoption of Agenda: The agenda was approved as written.


Approval of Minutes : June 10, 2010 meeting minutes were approved as amended.


Communications from Committee Members :


Gene Barker advised that the Storage and Irrigation Company is going to repair the dam on Hiawatha Lake and the lake’s water has to be reduced by 7 feet by September 1, 2010.


Comments from Audience :


Mr. Hewlett stated that a member of the PAC had harassed him concerning a personal matter about two week ago and he advised that this situation is spreading to other RFL businesses and guests.  He asked what the PAC is actually doing and what is can legally do and wanted to know what the boundaries of PAC are.  Ted Carter discussed the RFLPAC by-laws and Terry Ferebee provided Mr. Hewlett with a copy of the by-laws.  Mr. Hewlett further asked how one gets on the PAC and how do you get someone off of the PAC.  Mr. Carter advised that the Board of County Commissioners manages the RFLPAC board membership.  Gene Barker stated that no PAC member has been authorized to harass anybody and if someone did that, they did that on their own and we do not condone it. 


Mr. Clark advised that he had wanted to meet with the PAC earlier to discuss his plans about Sawmill Junction but due to scheduling issues, he was not able to.  He desires to put up a small business center to take care of needs not being met in Red Feather. 

He intends to remodel existing buildings and add two building at approximately 5,000 square feet each, plus a self-storage building (5,000 to 6,000 square feet).  The building could be occupied by an auto body shop, automotive repair facility, self-storage units, laundry mate, branch bank, beauty shop or maybe an insurance office.  The zoning is already approved for business zoning.  The proposed car wash would recycle at least 90% of the water.  The landscape will be kept as natural as possible.  He doesn’t want paved parking or a lot of lighting.  Although not required, Ted Carter asked Mr. Clark if he could provide the PAC with more detailed information at a later date, and Mr. Clark agreed to present his proposal at the September 9, 2010 RFLPAC meeting.  Mr. Clark advised that he has an engineer friend that is licensed in Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado that may be able to provide the PAC guidance concerning a water and sanitation system. 


Judy Viola updated the PAC on the Environmental Learning Center at the Red Feather Lakes School.  Judy has spoken to the founder and director of OpEd Learning Center in Netherlands and is planning a field trip to this Learning Center with two PAC members.  


Bud Thomas reminded the PAC that Storage and Irrigation is owned by 140 or more stock holders and that these stock holders would have to approve of Storage and Irrigation Company participation in any water and sanitation system. 


Communications from County Representatives : None


Action Items : None


Updates :


1.         Rob Helmick, LARCO Planning.  On the Center line project, the County has received 10 survey sheets.  The surveyors are in the quality control review stage now.  Approximately 70% of the survey work is now complete. 


2.         Ben Myers advised the PAC that he has no progress to report on bringing better internet to RFL.  However, Ben stated that two weeks ago he attended a County work session where a consultant from Sand Cherry Association discussed the options CenturyTel, the Verizon RFL tower, and Wi-Fi.  The consultant advised that CenturyTel was not an option because everything is going wireless; Verizon may upgrade their tower in the future but that service would only be available to Verizon costumers; bringing Wi-Fi up to RFL means putting up transmitters and we, RFL, would have to go into the business of disturbing internet services. 


RFL would have come up with the “big” money to put the transmitters up and then sell the service to customers.  Ted Carter advised that Unison Industries bought out Fox Acres lease of the Verizon Cell Tower and they may try to market that tower to other internet vendors, like AT&T.  Fox Acres owns the land and Verizon owns the tower. 


Discussion Items.  


1.         Water rights/Water district

·    Gene Barker advised that the next Storage and Irrigation Company meeting is July 18, 2010 where he hopes to discuss water rights and water district with the Board.  Gene should have some information for the PAC at the August meeting. 

·    Dennis Frydendall stated that the issue is which areas of RFL will the Storage and Irrigation Company commit water to serve.  Dennis further stated that a system could be developed to concentrate on one subdivision with the capability to expand to another subdivision so that eventually the entire Red Feather planning area is included.   The system has to be designed so that it can grow.  From the Storage and Irrigation point of view, waste water is the problem as a contaminant in the lakes and that problem will ultimately probably be addressed by the Health Department. 

·    Rob Helmick advised that due to the size of RFL lots, RFL will need to plan and implement both waste water and domestic water systems simultaneously.  Rob further advised that the PAC needs to act as a pathway to the development of a system where the interest of Storage and Irrigation Company and a governmental entity are in harmony in the implementation of a sanitation and water system for RFL. 

·    Lucille Schmitt recommended that Mr. Clark’s engineering friend (John Baker) be invited to speak at a PAC meeting.  The PAC membership agreed. 


RFLPAC meeting adjourned at 3:22 PM.

Submitted by Terry Ferebee

Background Image: Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson. All rights reserved.